Dramatic Video Captures Crashes from 193-Vehicle Pileup on Michigan Highway

Nearly 200 vehicles were involved in a massive pileup along a snowy I-94 in Michigan Friday morning, killing a trucker and injuring two dozen people.

“The last update we have had was that 23 people sustained injuries that required hospitalization,” said Michigan’s State Police, adding that from the 193 vehicles that crashed, 76 were semis.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reported that two firefighters were hurt when a load of fireworks exploded on one of the wrecked trucks, which caught fire. The explosions were captured on camera.

Another truck was carrying hazardous materials. MLive said that “all eastbound and westbound lanes on I-94 in West Michigan near Galesburg remain closed Saturday morning as hazmat crews work to clean spilled formic acid from the freeway”.