Ford Official: We Will Not Drop V8 from Future Mustangs and F-150s

A Ford official vehemently denied a report proclaiming the death of the V8 engine in the Mustang and F-150 models after 2017.

The article from Horsepower Kings quoted an unnamed Ford representative as stating the following:

“Ford is definitely phasing out the V8 motor altogether. CAFE and EPA are working very hard discreetly to make sure of that. There is quite a bit going on at Ford that the public is in the dark about. The impression that I am getting is that Ford wants to continue it’s V8 program, but things have (rather recently) taken a new direction, presumably from CAFE/EPA pressure in mid to late 2013.”

We spoke to Ford Global Powertrain Technology Communications Manager, Paul Seredynski, who told us that there’s “No basis of truth in that report”.

We also asked him a few more questions about Ford’s engine plans and choices:

CS: Is there a future for Ford’s V8s in today’s Eco-minded world, and if so, what does it look like?

PS: The V-8 still plays an important role in our product lineup, having just launched the new 5.0-liter V-8 in the 2015 Mustang, and we’ve also announced another upcoming new V-8 – the flat-plane 5.2-liter – in the GT350 and GT350R.

CS: Will we see a production EcoBoost V8?

PS: We do not discuss future product

CS: Why did you go with an EcoBoost V6 on the new GT and the Raptor?

PS: The compact nature (along with its exceptional power density) of the EcoBoost V-6 in the all new Ford GT was a key factor that allowed the exceptionally narrow rear canopy, a key design and aerodynamic element of the car. The EcoBoost engine in the all-new Raptor will produce more power and torque than the 6.2-liter V-8 it replaces with improved efficiency.

* CS= CarScoops , PS= Paul Seredynski


  • Elmo

    Oh, thank God. I wasn’t totally sold on the rumor but if they did try it, it wouldn’t have surprised me and I would have expected the roars of protest to be too loud for Ford to have ignored.

  • detroit_thumper

    I could’ve sworn Paul has been at the Essex camp in Windsor, Ontario for
    the last few months. Regardless, this is good news if true. Do you
    have happen to have any audio recording or video of this conversation?

  • detroit_thumper

    Well this is a throwaway account but just a heads up I work for Ford at
    the Essex Plant at Ontario and now I am at Flat Rock. Currently on paid
    leave out here in California but I digress. I dont have ALL the facts,
    but I will say this: there is more truth to that HPK article than you
    or I want to believe. What is interesting is some people have been let
    go from Dearborn in recent weeks and months over leaked information
    regarding upcoming Ford Vehicles. HPK has nailed it on info about the
    new Raptor (several months before release they reported ecoboost v6
    powerplant) and the Ford GT being ecoboost. I dont know if the job
    releases are related to any of these ‘interesting’ articles, but it is
    worth noting. Again I dont have all the facts but there is alot of
    hush-hush lately about the Coyote program and FPC – as in I mean there
    have been recent (dramatic) changes with the tooling, etc. I dont know
    for sure what is happening but I have been hearing through grapevine
    that Ford is trying desperately to win over the diehards with these
    high-powered Ecoboost motors and they are really pushing them hard.

    I also heard that engineers were working hard on a 5.0TT for the Ford GT
    but their funding was cut mid project and they had to return to the
    project later on with a higher HP V6 TT. Not saying this is absolute
    truth but thats the word. What is interesting is I just heard a
    interview with the lead designer of the Ford GT (its on YouTube if
    somebody wants to find it) and he said something along the lines of
    Engineers were pulled off the project for awhile which was strange and
    only the design team was working on the car, and by the time they came
    back it was an entire new powertrain.

    Take it for what its worth, Im just relaying what I have been hearing.
    One thing I know for certain is there has certainly been a change of
    pace back home in Detroit in these recent months and alot of quiet
    movement. Things are just different lately. People are being let go,
    new people are coming on that appear to be foreign (European?) etc.
    Just a heads up.

    • Bryce

      woah woah woah! Stop right there!!! Engineers are working on a TT five oh?!?! As in they are still working on it or they stopped and settled for the 3.5 liter v6. Anyways, cool information. Thanks!

  • Thomas Jefferson

    The people who broke this story were SPOT ON about the Ford GT and Raptor. They predicted v6 only, Ford testers flat out lied and said that wasn’t the case, then they made both vehicles in v6 only. Flat out lie. So this is too IMO until I see something different. Congratulations Ford, the “rumors” about you have more credibility then the words from your own mouth. What a joke for the once best car company in the world.

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