KIA Sorento Helps Rafael Nadal Join The X-Men

If you’re a fan of the X-Men franchise, then you’re probably familiar with who the Sentinels are and also what they do. Maybe they should have tried to defeat them with a Sorento in the movie as well.

KIA has teamed up with Rafa Nadal in this action packed 2015 Australian Open Ad, looking to boost sales as well as their brand image by turning a tennis icon into a mutant and taking on the seemingly unbeatable Sentinels (if you’ve seen Days of Future Past).

The commercial is actually pretty ridiculous and not in a good way. Apparently the world needs a new hero and it’s up to Nadal and his “weapon” the KIA Sorento to succeed where the X-Men have failed. Well, if he does succeed, then maybe he can make team captain or something. Oh wait, I think that’s Cyclops.

There are a few cool shots of him training for the mission by hitting a tennis ball with superhuman strength, and the Sorento does look interesting with that adamantium claws look towards the end of the clip, but as far as car ads go, this one is pretty out there.

The 2015 Australian Open takes place between Jan 19th and Feb 1st, and in case you’re going, you’ll actually be able to see the X-Car on display at Melbourne Park.

And by the way, did Nadal just reject Wolverine’s call at the 0:37 mark? Faux pas!

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  • Jose Carranza

    What the [email protected]#$ did I just watch?

  • Ken Lyns

    Car lashes for men?