Lamborghini Countach 5000S is Cramped, Hard to Drive but Memorable

You’ve heard the stories about the Lamborghini Countach and you too probably had a poster of it – is it maybe the most widespread car poster ever?

Its striking looks are the obvious reason for the popularity of its image, although there is known to be a discrepancy between the way it looks and drives.

The guys over at Everyday Driver got behind the wheel of a 5000S from 1985, equipped with a 4.75-liter V12 putting out around 370 horses. They say it’s not as bad as they were fearing it was going to be, but it’s not an easy car to drive either.

It has heavy unassisted steering, ridiculous visibility and the traditional Italian offset pedals. Inside, you sit a bit hunched if you’re tall and with the pedal position it basically means you’re a bit twisted at all times – the seats themselves aren’t bad but the fact that nothing is adjustable is obviously not good either.