New Volvo S60 Inscription LWB Is For You And Your Long-Legged Family

Considering that Swedes are some of the tallest people on Earth, I’ve wondered why Volvos aren’t exactly known for generous rear legroom. That changes, at least in the U.S., with the 2016 Volvo S60 Inscription.

It’s a significant Volvo for at least a couple reasons. To start, it’s the first Volvo sold here to be built in one of the company’s Chinese assembly plants, where it’s marketed as the S60L. Second, it basically renders the old Volvo S80 obsolete.

What’s more interesting to someone who isn’t chauffeured in China is that the additional 3.4 inches that have gone towards improving rear legroom don’t affect the looks at all.

And once inside, it’s incredibly comfortable and easily the nicest Volvo I’ve been in the back of except for the larger XC90. You could imagine four tall people being pretty comfortable in this car, thanks also to Volvo’s wonderful seats. Additions like rear side window shades and nicer woods and trim inside contribute to the upscale nature of the Inscription.

I hope Volvo doesn’t charge too much more for the Inscription over the standard-length S60, because this car would probably appeal to lots of people who want a still-compact premium sedan but need the extra interior space.

Of course it also makes me wonder why they just didn’t build it in this length from the start.

Photos: Zac Estrada /

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