Provocation for Profanity: Tesla Model S P85D Makes Passengers Swear a Lot

The surprise burst of acceleration of the Tesla Model S P85D, with its dual-motor setup and 691 hp, seems to be quite a mind blowing experience for first timers, especially if they’re not told exactly what to expect.

We’ve seen the P85D from the outside owning a bunch of fast gasoline burning cars, but seeing how people react from inside is priceless.

Most of the passengers in the video posted below tend to blurt out swear words after they’d been pinned to their seat or during the pinning action – this video is not safe for work, although Drag Times does provide a clean version fit for the office (the second one).

Scroll down, check it out and do share your experience if you’ve had a chance to go in one of these new Teslas.

* Note: Both videos are NSFW