Shelby Launches 50th Anniversary Cobra 427, Only 50 Will be Built

Starting Tuesday, January 13, interested customers will be able to put down their order for a limited edition of the Shelby Cobra 427 that celebrates the iconic car’s 50th anniversary.

There will only be 50 examples of the, um, 50th Anniversary 427, all with gold anniversary badges. They also come with a special CSX serial number (CSX4550-CSX4599) and a badge showing their number in this limited production run (1/50, 2/50 etc.).

Shelby’s anniversary Cobra will be offered with either an aluminum or a fiberglass body. The aluminum-bodied cars will be available in polished aluminum (with or without stripes) or Guardsman blue with Wimbledon white stripes, while the fiberglass ones will come only in the blue with white stripes paintjob.

Pricing for the fiberglass edition starts from US$117,995, while the aluminum will set you back US$179,995. Mind you, you will have to provide the engine and transmission yourself so you’d better increase that budget.

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  • fabri99

    Nice, I’d like one in Maroon with no stripes…

    • Six Thousand Times

      Add the cost of that paint job to your budget.

      • fabri99

        Well, Maroon was available as a colour in the 427, so there will be some second-hand right-coloured low-mileage well-kept and low price Cobra for me…

        • Six Thousand Times

          Dunno ’bout low prices but there’s always hope.

        • Hugh Jorgan

          That color was never offered by Ford.
          Granted it looks great. I want one as well. Open link below and pick a color (no maroon)

  • Dr Zoidberg

    The polished one is nice in a tarty way.

  • Petrosexual46

    How can one pay $118k just for a stupid fiber glass body and no engine or gearbox? Homologate this vehicle in India or china and it would be made at a fraction of cost and without any fuss or delivery time and good craftsmanship….

    • Polyester Poontang

      What time is it?

      Look at your fake Rolex.

      • Petrosexual46

        Hahahaha…u bet

      • Petrosexual46

        hahahah u bet..