Actor Idris Elba & F1 Legend Martin Brundle Drive Jaguar XE

Former ‘Wire’ star Idris Elba is shooting a four-part film series documenting his London to Berlin 1,200 km road trip with the help of the new Jaguar XE. Luckily for us, his travels brought him to Spa.

Since we already know that the journey ends with Idris hitting up Berlin for a DJ gig at the car’s launch event, we can safely say that this right here is the best part of the series – especially having F1 legend Martin Brundle take the 340 HP XE S Jag out on the track.

This car will get to 62 mph (100km/h) in just 5.1 seconds which makes it a proper sports sedan – which as Idris says himself, usually isn’t the type of car that gets to go around Spa.

With Brundle behind the wheel, the XE S looks poised and well balanced as it powerslides around corners gracefully, just like a proper rear wheel drive car should be able to do.

While driving, Brundle ends up saying that the “best drivers are the smoothest drivers, not the most aggressive” – which is a very true, yet a bit overused nowadays. It’s similar to when every time somebody talks about black holes in space, they end up saying “nothing can escape them, not even light”. It’s like people have a signed contract (50 Shades of Grey style) to mention certain things about certain subjects when speaking to the public.

Either way, always appreciate it when we hear from F1 legends, and we enjoy seeing them drive modern day cars with a smile on their faces.

The next short film will be available from 18 February, with the final story shared from 22 February.