Chris Harris Drives The AMG C63 S, Says It’s All About Torque

Objectively, there isn’t anything bad you can say about the Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S. Whether you’re Chris Harris or Jeremy Clarkson or anybody who is able to appreciate a fast AMG saloon, this thing will blow your mind.

We’re talking about a 4.0 liter twin turbo V8, with an output of 510 HP and 700 Nm of torque. In comparison, the BMW M3 only has 550 Nm, while the RS4 Avant makes due with 430 Nm. So yes, what we have here is a torque monster, which is exactly what Harris is going on about in his review.

He came away quite impressed with the fact that no matter what gear you’re in, the torque is just there at all times. Of course, this car isn’t just about torque and burning rubber. It can hit 62 mph in just 4.0 seconds and it does it while sounding amazing. Which is indeed another advantage it has over the M3.

Another excellent aspect of the C63 S is it’s road demeanor. Harris talks about how composed it is as a road car thanks to its adaptive dampers and electronic differential.

He does make a very interesting point when he talks about the looks of the car as being rather conservative compared to the M3. In a way he’s right. The old gen C63 AMG was a bit more visually outspoken, while this is more elegant.

Does this mean that the BMW M3 is a better looking car than the C63 S? Hard to say. It’s certainly not faster in a straight line.