Holy Horse Shit! Ford’s Leaked Presentation Promises More RS Models!

I imagine the emperors over at Horse Shit dot com reading Jalopnik’s exclusive “Leaked Ford Document Suggests Many More RS Models Are Coming” report and thinking, “Touché Mr Jason Torchinsky, Touché”. That or they may be contemplating on how to double down with a Nordschleife lap time for the E-Series Cutaway RS.

In typical Gawker fashion, Jalopnik won’t tell you it’s bullshit unless you click through and even then, you have to, you know, actually read the article through the end (you’ll be surprised how many internet users jump straight to the pictures and then to the comments box), and pick up the innuendos and witty humor, before you smile and say, well done you cheeky dastards.

Click bait-ish blurred photo and ultra-serious opening paragraph put aside, Jason hits the nail on the head with some of the reports we’re seeing out there in a very comical way, and I quote:

“This morning, a courier knocked on my door with a package. It was special diatetic liverwurst that I, apparently, agreed to review. I didn’t recall agreeing to this, but I agree to almost anything people ask me, so it was possible. When I opened the wax-paper package to try and spread the liverwurst on a 3×5 card (I’m out of bread) I found a lump. That lump was a USB drive with the Ford logo on it.”

You can and should read the full article here.

In the meantime, want to make a bet that by the end of the week, you’ll have websites reporting on Ford’s leaked production document with new RS plans?

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