Hyundai Details its New Twin-Turbocharged 3.3-Liter V6 Engine

The new Hyundai V6 Turbo GDi has a pair of some of the smallest-looking turbochargers feeding it extra air. Perhaps that’s the reason why the new 3.3-liter unit only makes 27 more horsepower than the non-turbo 3.8-liter, although torque is up noticeably more: 379 lb-ft vs 295 lb-ft (513 Nm vs 400 Nm).

The information was shared over on the KoreanCarBlog, with photos provided by Blood Type Racing.

When it comes to features, the engine has intelligent variable valve timing and generally promises high performance and high fuel efficiency too.

The unit will probably be made available on the Genesis line of cars – the current sedan and next-gen coupe.

Scroll down to check out photos of the engine – do keep an eye out for those minute turbochargers; aren’t they the smallest you’ve ever seen?

Photo Gallery