Look What Touring Superleggera Did To A Ferrari F12

What you see here is Carrozeria Touring Superleggera’s new Berlinetta Lusso, a coachbuilt supercar based on the Ferrari F12berlinetta that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

It was designed and developed for an unnamed private collector, with the Italian coachbuilder to produce no more than five examples total, Automobilemag reported.

Touring Superleggera restyled the body of the F12 taking inspiration from the 1966 Ferrari 166 MM Touring. The interior, on the other hand, looks stock for the most part, sans the bespoke upholstery and trims.

It’s unknown if the Italian company made any changes under the hood to the F12’s 6.2-liter V12, though, with 730hp (740PS) and 690Nm (509 lb-ft) on tap, Ferrari’s supercar is just fine in the performance department.

Pricing hasn’t been released yet, but with a stock F12 costing close to $320,000 and Touring Superleggera claiming that it needs some 5,000 man hours to complete the transformation, you can bet it’s going be one helluva expensive ride

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