Restomodded BMW E9 CS Body on E39 M5’s V8, Chassis

The car you see here is rather unique in that it’s not just a 1970s BMW E9 coupe with an engine transplant, but the two-door’s body plopped on top of an E39 M5 chassis complete with V8 engine.

We don’t exactly know how it was done, but it works and is really impressive. The modders didn’t care for an original look to the car (because it was far from original), so it gets big rims to clear the modern brakes, and the interior is a mishmash of E9 and E39 bits.

Don’t think this is an amateurish hack job, because it isn’t. The car was clearly very professionally put together and aside from the slightly odd stance at the front looks really sexy.

Even the overdone exhausts at the back work with the whole theme of the car.

What do you think? Is it great or would you just have had an original with the BMW straight-six?


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