Young Russians from “Stop a D-bag” Movement Prevent Drivers from Riding Sidewalks

Drivers riding over sidewalks to bypass traffic jams or simply to take a shortcut are not exclusive to Russia, but thanks to the dashcam phenomenon there we get to see them in action more often.

Obviously, driving on the sidewalk is not only a clear disregard for pedestrians, it’s also dangerous, with many accidents taking place as a result of this irresponsible behavior. Still, there’s hope for change though, as the following video proves.

Young Russians have formed a movement suggestively called “Stop a [email protected],” whose purpose is to enforce road traffic regulations in the country. Here we see them in action on a sidewalk that is frequently used by drivers as a shortcut.

The young boys and girls stop the culprits and ask them nicely to reverse since they were illegally driving on a sidewalk. While some drivers understand, others are reacting in a really violent manner, as you can see in the video that follows.