Americans Get A Taste Of Skoda’s Superb In Washigton DC!

You’re never going to see a Skoda Superb out on the road in the US because the car and brand never officially sold here. However, what would typical Americans say were they to be confronted by the Audi A6-sized Superb with plenty of optional goodies?

Well, they’d immediately go on thinking it’s an exotic luxury car – if you’ve ever sat in a fully-decked out example with leather and gadgets, you can kind of understand why.

Irish auto journo Bob Flavin got the chance to drive the (right-hand drive) and he’s the one asking all the questions in the video posted after the virtual jump.

This seems a bit more genuine than other similar experiments like the Dacia Sandero UK mall thing or the newer one featuring the Duster.

Check it out below courtesy of The Next Gear.