An Alternative Review Take On First-Gen Lexus LS400

While it may have looked like simplified a mishmash of what other luxury cars looked like at the end of the 1980s, the LS400, the first Lexus ever, was a highly competent car.

Now, some 25 years after it was released, it still feels taught, modern and now it certainly has more recognition than back in the day.

RegularCarReviews had a go at trying to define it, and I think the video nails the first LS perfectly. Yes, it may have been priced to undercut its rivals back in the day, and it was said that Lexus wasn’t making that much money on it.

However, since the car was more of a brand ambassador on wheels, it needed to be very a cut above in order to get noticed. Proof that it was very well put together and thought out is the fact that you can find examples in excellent condition even if they weren’t all that well looked after – that’s a mark of true quality in a vehicle.