Apple’s Shareholders Want Tesla Motors, Tim Cook Remains Mum

After Apple’s unveiling of its smart watch, CEO Tim Cook had the chance to speak with the company’s shareholders where they couldn’t hide their feelings over a hypothetical Tesla buyout.

There are a ton of rumors and analysts’ reports out there suggesting already that Apple could easily absorb Tesla as a mean to enter the automotive industry, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has flatly denied even the possibility of selling the company to the Silicon Valley giant.

Nevertheless, this didn’t scare off some of Apple’s shareholders to suggest rather enthusiastically their desire to see Apple obtaining Tesla directly to Tim Cook.

“Quite frankly, I’d like to see you guys buy Tesla,” said one of them to him at an annual meeting, held at Apple’s headquarters. “We don’t really have a relationship with Tesla. I’d love Tesla to pick up CarPlay. We now have every major auto brand committing to use CarPlay”, Cook replied avoiding strategically the question and mentioning their new infotainment system to continue “Was that a good way to avoid the question? Hey, there are some perks to being CEO”.

Another shareholder insisted “There’s something else I’m in love with that’s not Apple -that every time I see it just blows my mind- and that’s when I open my garage and see my Model S. Am I insane to imagine something might happen here?” with Cook just replying “We’re very focused on CarPlay”.

Apple was in no mood at all to discuss what’s going on with the allegedly plan to build an electric car, after hiring many automotive experts, including several employees previously working on developing large battery packs.

Via Bloomberg


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