Delphi Shows Off Self-Driving Vehicle Tech, Plots Cross-Country Trek

Delphi’s entry into the world of autonomous driving seems more than competent at first glance. Their system seems to be fully-featured and thus makes it possible to attempt cross-country trips.

The parts manufacturing giant says its “active safety technologies enable the vehicle to instantaneously make complex decisions, like stopping and then proceeding at a four-way stop, timing a highway merge or calculating the safest maneuver around a bicyclist on a city street.”

That sounds really good, if it works as intended, featuring stuff like Traffic Jam Assist, Automated Highway Pilot with Lane Change (on-ramp to off-ramp highway pilot), Automated Urban Pilot, Automated Parking and Valet.

It uses radar to see where it’s going and a “high-end microprocessor to seamlessly drive multiple features and functions.”

They have a demonstration vehicle up and running and they showed that off at CES 2015. Now, they plan to take it on a 3,500-mile (~5,630 km) cross-country coast-to-coast trip that kicks off on March 22 at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and will eventually end in New York. It’s the longest such (autonomous) journey ever attempted.

We’ll keep you posted on their progress, but until then check out their Audi SQ5-based tester vehicle in action in the video posted below! We also found several other videos featuring the modified SQ5 and added those as well.

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