Lexus LFA-Centric Video Interview from Toyota’s TMG Service Center

Since the Lexus LFA is such a rare and specialized piece of kit, it requires specialist attention. The only place you can have it serviced in Europe is Toyota’s TMG base in Germany, and that’s where XCar went for an interview with Rob Leupen, TMG’s VP.

If you buy a second-hand LFA and you have a problem, you will be visiting this place. Here, they can dismantle and rebuild your car and can even repair damage done to the carbon bits, although Leupen says owners are usually very careful and they don’t really ever get to do that.

A car like the LFA couldn’t be kept on the road with a usual production car service scheme, and since there are only 500 in existence and all bear the Lexus badge of reliability, this setup seems like it works well.

Check out the video below!