Matt Farah Plays the Automation Car Tycoon Game

The car tycoon game called Automation is coming along nicely, and although it’s still far from finished, it’s much more complete than last time we checked it out. Now, as the game enters its early access phase, the studio behind it has asked Matt Farah to have a go at playing it, as a kind of promo for the title.

Farah uses all of the game’s features in the video below to create a slightly ridiculous 1970s Japanese sports car.

You now get to test out the car on the Top Gear test track too, and even if it’s not called that officially in the game, it is what it is. Sadly, it’s an automated test procedure that you can’t actively take part in.

If the developers are reading this, it would be nice to include some kind of control on the player’s side for the track testing phase. Not necessarily direct control, but setting parameters of the drive to extract the most possible out of every single model; I mean different cars require different techniques and this should be reflected in the game. Sliders would work here too as a control method.

Check out the early access announcement trailer, Farah’s let’s play and a bunch of other official videos after the virtual jump!