Meet the World’s Most Powerful Hybrid Supercar Ever: The Koenigsegg Regera

It’s true; Koenigsegg has broken every record of sanity with the Regera, a hybrid hypercar with a combined output of 1500hp. However, this is not the only number that gives you a pleasing headache.

Stay with me. One biturbo 5.0-litre 1,100hp V8 lifted from the Agera mated to three electric motors that make an additional 700hp, a liquid-cooled 9.27kWh battery pack and no transmission at all. The powertrain drives directly the rear axle, making the Regera effectively a single-speed vehicle. The final ratio is fixed and there is a locking hydraulic coupling between the crankshaft and the prop. Koenigsegg calls it Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) and claims that the energy losses are reduced up to 50% when compared with traditional transmissions.

Koenigsegg also claims a 0-400km/h (249mph) time in under 20 seconds, which is frankly unbelievable, given a LaFerrari needs 15 seconds to reach 300km/h (186mph) and a Porsche 918 scores 23 seconds for the same sprint. The new liquid-cooled battery pack weighs 115kg and can deliver up to 500KW of juice to the motors. Koenigsegg calculates the combined output at 1.500hp for that reason. There is no info about the top speed though. Yet.

The smaller of the three electric motors is located on the crank, making 160KW-214hp, and works as the starter motor for the V8, fills the torque curve in low rpms when there is turbo lag and harvests energy when the throttle is depressed. The other two, larger motors are located in the rear axle, providing 240hp each, driving directly the wheels with virtually no loss.

Total downforce is set at 450kg at 155mph, helped by a hydraulically operated rear wing. The wheels are made out of carbon and measure 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the back. The brakes are carbon ceramic as you would have expected already.

Koenigsegg says that the Regera is not destined for hard track use, and calls it instead a more luxurious megacar, with electric seats and added sound insulation compared to the Agera RS. The Regera weighs 1628kg with fluids, remaining relatively lightweight for a car with a huge battery pack and three electric motors.

Koenigsegg will built 80 Regeras all and all, with an early price estimate of around $1.9 million.