Mitsubishi UK Looking to Raise Awareness of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors UK has joined the Go Ultra Low campaign, set to increase awareness of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) among British motorists.

In the UK, the benefits of owning a ULEV include low running costs and government incentives, which is why Mitsubishi is joining the likes of Audi, VW, BMW, Nissan, Renault and Toyota in this endeavor.

Having said that, it’s a known fact that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – the world’s first 4×4 plug-in hybrid SUV – has become the UK’s best selling plug-in hybrid vehicle. Which is a very good starting point to any conversation about raising awareness.

According to the SMMT (the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), ULEV registrations in 2014 grew by more than 300%, to 14,518 cars.

“More UK car-buyers are realizing the advantages of owning an ultra-low emission vehicle, and the aim of the newly-expanded Go Ultra Low consortium is to share the multiple benefits with a wider audience. We’ve discovered that once people learn more about the benefits of these cars and vans, they’re keen to take action – and once they’ve tried them, they’re hooked.” stated Go Ultra Low spokesperson Hetal Shah.

In the UK, the government currently offers up to £5,000 of the price of ULEVs as a tax benefit, while the cost of driving them is as little as 2p per mile, compared to at least 10p per mile for a typical petrol or diesel car.

The Go Ultra Low campaign is the first of its kind, as it brings together the Department for Transport, the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles, SMMT as well as a consortium of seven car manufacturers.