New Honda Civic Type R: Official Photo Of Production Model

Here’s the first full-body picture of Honda’s new Civic Type R hot hatch. It shows the Type R standing next to the updated Civic hatchback and Tourer.

Together with the previous images of the car’s rear-end and interior from a WCF reader and the teaser pictures from Honda itself, it gives us an all-around look at the production Civic Type R, less than 48 hours before its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.

It’s an aggressive looking hot hatch, but not as distinct as the original concept, as many styling elements such as the futuristic “devil horns” tail lamps, bloated rear fenders and cool LED strips on the front bumper got lost in translation.

Nevertheless, with a brand-new 2.0-liter turbocharged VTEC engine said to produce more than 280-horses and promises from Honda about the car being the fastest in a niche that includes the VW Golf R and the Ford Focus RS, we’re very eager to see what it can offer.

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