New Honda S660 Roadster Scooped Undisguised In Production Form

Honda’s journey for a Beat replacement that started with the all-electric 2011 EV-STER Concept and continued with the more realistic 2013 S660 study, is ending with the production S660.

As evidenced by these photos shot at a Japanese port, Honda is ready to ship the production 2015 S660 to dealers across the country.

The sporty, pint-sized roadster is very close to the 2013 concept of the same name, with only a few modest exterior modifications such as the headlamp and tail light clusters, the grille, the smaller wheels, and if we’re not mistaken, the less heavily sculpted door lines.

Honda also toned down the interior design a few notches removing the futuristic steering wheel, seat designs and the smaller touchscreens.

The 3.4-meter (134 in.) long S660 revives the spirit of the mid-engine Beat roadster, employing a 660cc (0.66-liter) three-cylinder turbocharged engine with around 63-horses positioned behind the driver, paired to either a CVT, or as you can see in the photos, a six-speed manual turning the rear wheels.

There have been rumors floating around of an export version named S1000 fitted with a –you guessed it- 1,000cc or 1.0-liter turbocharged engines featuring a slightly wider body and bigger wheels and possibly around 100 or more horses, but we wouldn’t get our hopes up for a North American landing any time soon.

Pictures via Minkara, H/T to Ferd!

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