Porsche Adds Extra Kit to Panamera, Calls it “Edition”

Porsche has just announced a special line of Panamera models designed to be made available all around the world. They call it “Edition” and it offers some extra kit and visual distinguishing elements, like the Panamera Turbo II rims that it comes with as standard – probably the main defining feature of this version.

Equipment-wise, Porsche throws everything but the kitchen sink at the Panamera Edition, since it’s a highly specified variant that also gets special logos and name; you get sports seats with two-tone leather, “Edition” etchings on the sills and floor mats, plus the Sport Design steering wheel and 585W Bose Surround Sound system with 14 speakers.

There wil be two country-specific versions too: for China, the adjustable comfort seats are added for rear occupants (since the national rich person preference is generally to be chauffeured), plus the obligatory electric roll-up side blinds.

You can order your Panamera Edition now, in Germany, from €86,490; €88,275 if you want the diesel.

Check it out in the gallery below!

Photo Gallery

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