Aston Martin Drops Lawsuit Against Fisker After He Agrees To Can Thunderbolt Project

Aston Martin has nixed its lawsuit against designer Henrik Fisker claiming copyright breach over the Vanquish-based Thunderbolt prototype after “all parties amicably resolved their differences”.

And by this, the two sides mean that Fisker agreed to abandon the coachbuilt Thunderbolt project previewed through a concept at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Floridalast month, with the former Aston Martin designer having said at the time that he would build the car with some changes if the demand was there.

Below you’ll find the official joint statement on the matter:

“On March 26, 2015, Aston Martin filed a lawsuit against Henrik Fisker and other parties alleging various infringements by “Project Thunderbolt” of Aston Martin’s intellectual property rights.

The parties are pleased to report that they have been able to swiftly and amicably resolve their differences.

The terms of the resolution are confidential except that the Parties wish to confirm 3 points:

1. Henrik Fisker has decided that “Project Thunderbolt” will not be produced;

2. Aston Martin will withdraw the lawsuit; and

3. In view of some apparent misunderstandings surrounding reports of the case, the Parties wish to expressly confirm that the contentions made by AML were those, and only those, made in the lawsuit.  The Parties confirm that that they have amicably resolved those matters, as well as any attendant misunderstandings.

The Parties will not be commenting further.”

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