Experts Say McLaren P1 Will Not Suffer Any Depreciation Ever

It’s pretty much common knowledge that if you acquire one of the latest hybrid hypercars on offer, you invest your money rather than simply spending them.

According to Magnitude Finance, a UK prestige vehicle specialist, the McLaren P1 is expected to be the first car whose value will never fall below its list price. The halo car of McLaren was produced in just 375 units, each priced at £866,000 or $1.15 million if you live on the other side of Atlantic.

The prestige vehicle specialist reports that P1s have been commanding already a £400,000 (about $600,000) premium over the list price on the second-hand market. “It’s quite staggering to think the P1’s value will only ever appreciate. Even recent hypercars like the Ferrari Enzo dipped below list price at certain points before bouncing back into positive equity”, said Tim Marlow, Director of Magnitude Finance.

“But we don’t expect this to ever be the case with the P1, evidence of which can be seen by our clients refusing an overnight £400,000 profit. This clearly demonstrates they think it will follow in the footsteps of the McLaren F1 and in time be worth millions of pounds”, Marlow added.

While it’s still pretty early to judge if the P1 will ever reach the same stratospheric levels of value with the F1, we are pretty sure that no one of the 375 owners will ever feel their wallets any lighter.


  • Six_Tymes

    To the “Experts” I say NO SHIT.

  • Shobin Drogan

    Well obviously, none of the three hypercars will.

  • notAnExpert

    Ever..Never ever.. What if some richie rich crashes it, or it getsflood damage, or it falls in a hole. What if a parking attendant has B.O. that won’t come out with the best cleaning, ever.

    • Six_Tymes

      [email protected] B.O. your comment reminds of one of the best Seinfeld episodes ever. good post.

    • Bo Hanan

      I think their referring to the car in it’s original state. Obviously any damage would depreciate the cars value.

  • Observer79

    Since it is STBO day, here is my take: Its not necessarily the owners holding out for a higher price… but more so the owners acknowledging that USD1.2m is pretty cheap for such a car.

  • dinn


  • Bo Hanan

    Impressive. “Are you listening Ferrari?”

  • fabri99

    C’mon, in ten years time it will be worth much less than it is now: today we see the super-hybrid trio as something we have never seen before, but in the next years new cars will come, faster cars will come, better cars will come and definitely more cars will use hybrid systems for performance as well…
    So yes, it will depreciate as any other hypercar does in that period when it’s too old to be something new and super-desireable and too young to be something classic and highly desireable.

    • Observer79

      Classics are older, less capable but more expensive. The Enzo and Carrera GT are over a decade old, sell for more than when they first sold (adjusted for inflation) and are slower than lesser but more recent models (458 and 911s). How much do they price for today vs. when they were first sold? The GT was USD450k in 2004 but now sales for +USD900k. Enzo was USD670k a decade ago but is now c.USD3m (even more than LaFerrari today). The F1 at +USD10m today is not as capable as the P1, 12C, 650s nor 675LT. Brand + limited numbers is all it takes to ensure appreciation. Not performance.

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