Hennessey Delivers 1000hp Kit For Corvette C7, Sounds Like The Devil

Hennessey Performance’s latest offer includes a Corvette C7, a big supercharger and 1000hp at the crank.

The Texan builder has developed the HPE 1000 pack for the Corvette, for those who think that a stock 650hp Z06 is tame, slow and in serious need of some horsepower. Thanks to a 2.9lt supercharger, forged engine internals and a complete new exhaust system, the Corvette HPE1000 delivers 847hp and 720lb-ft of torque at the wheels according to Hennessey’s dyno.

The apocalyptic sound is just another bonus, warning all the other street users that you are about to create big, fat clouds of tyre smoke.

I don’t know about you, but this thing has given me the goose bumps just by hearing it screaming while strapped on the dyno.