NY Man Burns Down Three Cars While Trying To Kill Bedbugs! [w/Videos]

Apparently, pouring rubbing alcohol inside your car to kill bedbugs and lighting up a cigarette at the same time is a very, very bad idea.

According to Detective Sgt. Edward Fitzgerald, someone told Scott Kemery from Long Island that if he “saturated the bedbugs with alcohol it would kill them”. So that’s what the 44 year old man did in his rental car at a parking lot.

The good news for Kemery is that he did indeed kill the bedbugs. The bad news is that, not only did he destroy his rental along with two more other vehicles parked nearby, but he also suffered first- and second-degree burns.

A news report from 6ABC said that Kemery “fled the vehicle on his own” after it went up in flames.

Videos via Pete Cavouto & sullytube7