Ultima Reveals Heavily Revised Evolution Coupe and Convertible Models

UK-based Ultima Sports has just released the first photos and accompanying information for what it calls “an exciting new updated model.” It’s called the Evolution and it comes in Coupe and Convertible flavors.

It’s presented as improved in every single way over the now discontinued GTR and Can-Am models. The manufacturer explains that since the launch of those two models, “there have been over 15 years of continuous research and development taking place at the factory to every facet of the Ultima with many enhancements gradually introduced to the range.”

Basically, all of the car is new or improved in one way or another, from the chassis to the lighting system.

Naturally, one buys an Ultima for the performance, and here the Evolution really becomes impressive. With a power rating of 1,020 hp and torque figure of 920 lb-ft / 1,250 Nm, either version is claimed good to sprint from zero to sixty in 2.3 seconds (in street-legal tune!) and on to over 240 mph or 386 km/h.

Check it out in the gallery below.

Photo Gallery