VW Executive Confirms Production Golf R400, Could Have 420PS

It’s no secret VW wants to build the Golf R400, but new details have now surfaced about the upcoming extra-hot Golf. VW group powertrain chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser has given the first official confirmation that the Golf R400 will be produced and that it will have more than 400 hp.

“We have the Golf more sporty than ever before, since we soon will have the Golf R400 – we will do this car. We are in fact in development of it right now,” Neusser told CAR.

The VW Golf R400 will be the first production model to debut the high-output 2.0-liter turbo engine seen in the Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept.

In the study, the engine produced 420PS (414hp), and the Golf R400 may get it as such or slightly detuned. Add the four-wheel drive system in the equation and the Golf R400 (or R420) should become the world’s fastest production hot-hatch.

In terms of design, the Golf R400 will adopt the understated look of the GTI and R, but will feature a revised aerodynamic package with splitters and a new spoiler. It will also feature upgraded brakes to cope with the extra power, but the track will stay the same, allowing it to be assembled on a regular VW production line.

That’s because the Golf R400 will not be a limited edition model but rather a regular fixture in the Golf lineup. The car is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, with first deliveries scheduled for late 2015 or early 2016. As for pricing, the R400 will reportedly cost under €50,000 (about $54,400) in Germany.


  • RDS Alphard

    I don’t know about everyone else , but I love the idea … although $55k USD for a hatchback is a LOT of money , I think you can buy like a Porsche Cayman in that sort of money ? Well , if you compare with American , then $55k is like … almost a Challenger Hellcat ? Or a Mustang/Camaro V8 (400ps+) with like $10k to spent on modification ?

    • Kash

      Hellcat? not at $60k. But it’ll get you the Camaro ZL1 coupe, at least starting price with the 6.2L supercharged V8 with 580hp.

      • Ben Polovick

        Why would the fact that it’s a hatchback make it not worth $55k? If it were a coup, then it’d be worth the money? Doesn’t make sense.

        • Kash

          If you want the space get a cheaper variant. if you’re going for the power, there’s plenty of better alternatives in terms of power for the same price or less. If you want both? Get like the C63 Wagon or V60 Polestar or RS4 Avant. More space, more power. Hatch backs aren’t meant to this expensive no matter how hot they are, nothing is hot enough to justify almost 60k. Not even at 1000hp i would still laugh at the person who bought the 60k hatchback. it’s like buying the LFA brand new. The price does not justify the price tag it carries.

          • DCHeatFan

            Sure it does. It will have similar numbers to the C7 Vette and you’ll still be able to transport large items in it. It’s awesome if you ask me.

          • Miami.Built.


          • Miami.Built.

            True about the LFA especially since it flopped. But this Kash trust me it’ll be worth the extra “Kash” bro. 😀

        • RDS Alphard

          In certain way , you’re paying $55k for a 4-cylinder small hatchback … while there is V8 muscle available with like $40k ?

          • Ben Polovick

            Why does the car being a hatchback make it less valuable than if it were built a sedan instead? Even the smallest of hatchbacks tend to have more utility than a large sedan. As for a V8 engine… I would never buy one of those, and not just because of poor gas mileage. They are heavy and less fun to drive (fun driving is about much more than going fast in a straight line). There are more than enough people who want a fast, nimble and refined car with enough utility to be used as a daily driver. It’s perfectly fine that this car doesn’t suit your fancy, but realize that VW’s target consumer for this type of car is completely different from those people who would consider a cheap American muscle car.

          • RDS Alphard

            Big price , small car … it just doesn’t goes together .

            I guess it depends on where you live , because as far as I realize V8s are actually making better MPGs than certain 2L turbo , especially in a long run … plus a lower stress engine , means it just last longer , kinda like how a base model Golf , the engine is low stress .

            Weights of the engine … a LS engine from Camaro are somewhat 175-kg to 200-kg while the Coyote 5.0 from Mustang should be about 200-kg (take of give 10-kg) … well , they are indeed heavier than 152-kg of EA113 in Golf R … but the torque of V8s should easily cover up the extra (even it was 50-kg) weight .

            Fun wise , although I like advance AWD … but RWD is the proper fun .

          • Ben Polovick

            Again… “fun” is about more than the power-to-weight ratio and going fast in a straight line. I’ve driven both Mustangs and Camaros… they are not fun to drive for me. They feel like like driving big tanks compared to my little hot hatches that I’m used to. I’d rather drive a front-wheel drive Mini JCW than a 5.0 Mustang, and I don’t really care about the 0-60 time on paper. Smaller, lighter and more nimble cars are infinitely more fun to drive for me than big tanks with big engines. And, don’t even get me started on the styling and refinement of American cars – it’s a completely different animal than Euro cars, and not one that I’m even the least bit interested in.

            Also, I’m interested to see which V8’s are getting better MPG than I4’s – please share.

          • RDS Alphard

            The thing about Mustang/Camaro is … they’re big V8s & RWD , so yeah , their “fun” way is burnout & well … burnout ; I’m one of those who prefer just sliding everywhere on track instead of making really fast track time , although by then , you will understand why I prefer $40k Camaro/Mustang over $55k Golf , I spent like $15k on tires .

            I had seen a fair amount of big V8s , when they paired with the right gearbox (for example Corvette with the TR-6060 it come as standard) , they’re cruising at super low rev when you cruise on a highway , and thus they could make a fair amount of MPG compare with smaller engine cars . If you check the gearbox that often paired with big V8s , they often have really long 6th (or 7th) gear , that’s how they get a good MPGs in daily driving situation .

            Of course it would be different for some European , or like me , an Asian who live very close to city & have lots of traffic jam , that’s where small displacement forced induction engine & V8s just wasting as much fuel as possible , lol

          • CEDUPZ

            It’s not 1963, sitting there spinning tires is for idiots! It means the car ain’t moving, the point is to do what with spinning tires,

          • RDS Alphard

            As far as I know , only American V8s are getting fairly good MPGs , or Holdens , which basically is Aussie version of GM production … well , again , mainly because of the super-long 6th (or 7th) gear .

          • DCHeatFan

            Exactly, if this feels anything like a GTI it will be an awesome car to drive in traffic as well as at the track. I love my GTI it just needs more power and AWD. Bam, R400.

          • Miami.Built.

            I’m ready for this dude you just don’t know🙃

          • Miami.Built.

            Big price small car low power would be the Subaru STi. Especially when less expensive cars like the Focus RS can smash it. This makes all the sense in the world because it will have Audi Power in a V-Dub shell. Now imagine when you throw in a stage 😯2. I’ll leave it at that. Lol😄

          • MrThePrivateer .

            Mk7 GOLF R has EA888 engine with bigger turbo. It is a much different engine and turbocharger than Mk6R with EA113 and BW K04 unit.

      • Miami.Built.

        Come on now Kash! How’d you forget about a CTS-V, perhaps a wagon CTS-V? Ehhh! 😂😂😂😜

    • Miami.Built.

      It’ll be worth every cent, tho the Cayman gonna set you back more than $55k for sure. This will be in a different category and demographic than the awesome Hellcats Camaro’s and Mustangs.

  • Vassilis


    • Miami.Built.

      Vassilis lets go half on one I’ll treat you to a nice Gyro after we spank some Focus’ and STi’s on the track😜😜😜

  • zRoX101

    Ehhh kinda of a hard sale for me as well.

    To many options for a 55k car.
    I’ll pass and save a bit and get something at the 60’s at that point.

    But this is going to be one hell of a hatch who ever does get it.

  • Toss

    It will be the world fastest/powerfull wardrobe….

  • Six_Tymes

    hmmm, interesting. how much will the focus RS cost?

    • Ivan Narvaez

      Much less and with a few mods will be able do make circles around thins car, in Drift mode 😀

      • Miami.Built.

        Same can be said if you mod the V-Dub it will just keep on spanking the focus. Maybe the Subi can dance around the Focus but the V-Dub will mop the street clean with both. Seen R32’s and Golf-R’s do it, ain’t no reason why the R400 can’t. Just saying tho.👻👻👻

  • Suicide_Note

    Take note, Honda. This is how you do styling for a hot hatch.

  • Qwe

    Which will somehow find a way to be 320hp car in the end. Typical VW, generate hype, and sell the same product at increased margin.

    • Miami.Built.

      Doubt it. Either way it will for sure smoke Subaru and Focus RS. And it looks better.

  • dinn

    It is simply overkill.

  • Ivan Narvaez

    Hmmm GT350 or Golf R? Please the answer is obvious, flat plane V8 in a Mustang for FTW!

    • DCHeatFan

      I’m thinking the same thing for my next car. The sounds of the GT350 might do it for me but I’ll have to test drive them both first. I think the r400 will feel better in the turns. Body roll is non-existent in my GTI so I’m assuming the R400 will be the same. I’ve driven a bunch of Mustangs and they do not feel the same around corners.

  • TheHake

    Quit fucking around and put it in my driveway!

    • Miami.Built.

      You know what I’m saying bruh! 👊🏼


    Wow I started with 36 HP bug back in 59. Who would of ever thought that VW would put 400 HP in a golf. The 50k is way to much, yoiu could get a nice SRT Challenger for that kind of cash.

  • TangoUrilla

    Holy shit, confirms it could have good god!!!

    • Miami.Built.

      You ain’t shettin bruh.

  • SteersUright

    Awesome idea for $40k budget supercar. At $55k, pass. Priced too close to more impressive options like Mustang GT350, base C7 Vette, upcoming M2, etc. Most people will cross-shop with Focus RS, regular Golf R, Sti, etc., because super performance or no, it still looks like a Golf on the outside. I love Golfs, but their advantage is offering so much more bang for the buck than competitors. Raise the price too high, and you alienate even your strongest fans.

    • Miami.Built.

      Kinda makes sense but when you look at overall Audi/VW quality in engineering performance and appeal it will justify unlike Subaru and Ford not that their bad but VW is top top notch. VW know what their doing they got this, I’m going to get one for sure.🙃

  • Mike Gonzalez

    wet dreams come true

  • Mohammad Tariq

    this car will do 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds which means 0 to 60 in less than 3.8 seconds. Camaro ZL1 which is 10,000 $ more expensive and also base corvette won’t be able to beat it in straight line. R420 will be about same speed of hellcat in straight line! while don’t forget with 4 cylinder engine and light weight body, it will consume much less fuel than all of similar speed cars. i can easily say that this car, consumes least amount of fuel for it’s speed compared to any car in the world. it’s also the cheapest for its straight line speed in the world. i will definitely buy one once it’s available. combine all of that with 4 door and boot and practicality and every day use.

    • Miami.Built.


  • mangirdas

    you all want have a car from small money this is new car good quality for people who like a sport cars i will going to have one 2020. this car i think will cost much more cause a new design look nice i will pay £60k for this is a car which all young people wants.

  • Miami.Built.

    Later Evo!! Later Subi!! 😜😜😜

  • Michael Harris

    To bad this hot VW has been cancelled.