2016 Buick Enclave Gets Standard 4G LTE Connectivity With Wi-Fi Hotspot

The 2016 Buick Enclave is now offered as standard with OnStar 4G LTE connectivity, which includes a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used simultaneously by up to seven devices.

The connectivity upgrade for the Enclave brings 4G LTE and the Wi-Fi hotspot to the entire 2016 Buick model range, from Encore and Verano to Regal and LaCrosse – including the all-new Cascada convertible. The Wi-Fi hotspot works whenever the vehicle is on and comes with a three-month/three-gigabyte data trial.

“Customers’ daily lives are so entwined with personal devices, so the addition of OnStar 4G LTE and its integral Wi-Fi hotspot is a feature they will rely on,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Buick. “It allows busy people to stay connected throughout the day and provides another outlet for passenger entertainment on long trips,” he added.

4G LTE is 10 times faster than 3G and 100 times faster than the previous generation of OnStar hardware. GM says it also offers stronger, broader coverage than smartphones on the same network.

All Enclave models are fitted as standard with Buick’s IntelliLink color touch radio which offers a higher level of wireless connectivity and customized options.

Buick is also offering six months of OnStar Directions and Connections service. This includes the RemoteLink Mobile App, which allows smartphone users to control vehicle functions, access vehicle information and send directions directly to the vehicle.


  • Mastodon with Tech

    Wow, a mastodon of a brand with tech…who really cares? GM, end this brand in America, you’re already losing from the geriatric crowd who is slowly purchasing from other brands owed to Buick’s ridiculous pricing. You rightly killed Oldsmobile, finish the job and please, please, please axe Buick.

    • Jeremy

      Someone hasn’t been paying attention. Buick has consistently grown in sales ever since they changed their focus on a wider range of vehicles and the average age of it’s customers has been falling.
      The only demo who would refuse to buy Buicks no matter what are Baby Boomers.
      Let’s not also forget about China. Why would GM kill a brand that is hugely successful in what is going to be the largest auto market in the world?

    • Jon

      I love the new Buicks. They’re stylish, affordable, and of course extremely comfortable. Buick will live on forever.

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