2016 Toyota HiLux Fully Uncovered Ahead Of Thursday’s Debut

Toyota’s next-gen 2016 Hilux pickup truck was spotted completely undisguised at what appears to be a dealer lot in Thailand, less than 48 hours before the official presentation this Thursday, May 21.

Two versions of the double-cab model were photographed by members of the Hiluxrevo forum, including a middle trim variant in silver and the higher-grade “Revo” edition in red sporting LED daytime running lights and a spiffed up interior packed with features such as leather upholstery, a multifunction steering wheel, and a big screen for the infotainment system.

While this is the Asian-spec version of the new Hilux, we don’t expect any notable cosmetic changes for other markets around the world – something we’d say is good for the inside, not so good for the outside…

As far as the engine range is concerned, we know that in Thailand, Toyota will offer four choices including a 2.4-liter turbo diesel in two states of tune with 150PS (148hp) and 167PS (165hp), a 2.8-liter turbo diesel with 177PS (175hp) and a 2.7-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder gasoline mill pushing out 166PS (164hp). Both manual and automatic transmissions will be available.

Toyota should roll out the new Hilux in most markets before the end of the year with the compact truck to go up against the likes of the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200.

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  • Six_Tymes

    I thought i was going to like it, NOPE

  • Im not so crazy about the interior, as well as the exterior. All in all a decent effort i have to say. Will have to wait until I see one in person. Power and most importantly Torque are very much key in ensuring it commands its purpose.

  • Eunos

    Looks so damn awful. Like chinese knock-off of a Japanese car, but ironically it’s japanese

    • Matthew Raworth

      Funny, That is exactly what i thought at first glance.

    • Zandit75

      Japanese Designed, Thailand built.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    That “in-dash” screen is sooooo last minute.

  • Bo Hanan

    Isn’t that last years GX470’s face? Didn’t work on that car either.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Nose is a little long but the Hilux is your first stop when you need a vehicle that cannot be destroyed.

    • devilsman60

      once upon a time this was true, sadly no longer the case.

  • Fred

    Looks like a Jacked up Yaris of some sort with a pickup bed! Toyotas are really UGLY these days!!

  • Galaxium

    Toyota needs to stop using that dash for every car in its lineup.

  • Hiluxman …

    Work – 2005 Hilux 4.0l V6- 200k clicks, nada, nothing… Next – 2008 – Hilux 4.0l V6 – 163k km done, other than replaced radio under warranty – nothing. 2011 – Kluger aka Highander 3.5l V6 -118k km, all taken care under warranty – 80k km – fuel tank replacement (to …change a fuel filter..) 2014 – FJ Cruiser 4.0l V6 – other then 2nd Sat Nav unit replaced under warranty – all good.112 k km today. Now the HiLux… Not everybody wants to drive a EU pi$$y 2.8l Diesel, the gov is %^& to introduce EU – still some years behind – emission norms… I wish the high flying suits move their 4 letters, got into a HiLux and went into AUssie bush for work – e.g with newly introduced 2.4l Diesel from Mitsi Triton aka L200. Good luck! Hilux is a gr8 ute (pick up 🙂 but it needs something beaffy here. Let’s hope they will leave 4.0l for Aussie market. This one – well- depends on the price if not most of us is looking at the Ranger – because of the engine capacity & kW – 3.2l 147kW/500Nm vs new HiLux 2.8l -132kW/450NM… Hilux always used to be years ahead of competition – this time TMC is playing a catch up and customers are voting with their valets … Not good enough!

    • Zandit75

      Just for the record, Ranger only has 470nm. The Colorado has 500nm, but less power.

      • rigga99

        Colorado also has 147kw..

  • OzPeter

    Looks like the incestuous love child between the old Hilux and a Kluger… its UGLY!

  • brian

    pic no9 I cant see leaf springs

  • hAZE

    ISIS will be very happy

  • Bert

    Suppose i’ll get the Isuzu DMAX then. Odd that they still don’t seem to have projector headlamps. I imagine the protruding bumper is to now cater for the intercooler which is no longer top mount – but looks like an after thought in design dept.

  • Abdul Alsalih

    the Isis mobile the ak47 of trucks


    It looks like a ford ranger. Thanks but I am staying with the current hilux model.

    • RangerMan

      Don’t insult the ford ranger, it looks strong and made for work more than the bland toyota hilux

  • Roger Mendoza

    Is toyota’s hilux designer nowadays chinese? Judging by the look of it can be mistaken as chinese or indian local product or worst a knockoff.

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