2017 Audi A7 Sportback Rendering Has ‘Prologue’ Written All Over It

Naturally, if Audi went ahead and used their Prologue Concept as inspiration for the next generation A7, then the new car should look pretty much like this, right?

Plus, let’s not forget that the Prologue Concept was a stunning car. It’s hard to imagine how such a beautiful design language could ever fail to amaze once it reaches production form.

According to reports, Audi designer Marc Lichte has long completed his work on the second-generation A7 Sportback which will feature elements found in the Prologue concept.

Those same elements will find their way onto the next gen A8 and 2017 A6 as well, but it’s said that the 2017 A7 Sportback will have a more radical design – which makes sense since the same can be said about today’s model.

With that in mind, I can’t help but feel that this particular rendering should be pretty close to what Audi actually did with the final product.

Prologue elements are all over the place, while the sloping roof says “A7” more than anything else. Not sure if anybody would mind if the real thing would look 100% like this either. It’s dynamic, elegant and modern – yet features those simplistic Audi lines that we know and love.

The car being rendered is the “S-Line” version by the way, which is obvious just by looking at the wheels.

Renderings via RM Design