All-New BMW 5-Series Rendering Looks Like the Real Deal

The BMW 5-Series has grown into the ubiquitous larger sporty sedan over the generations, and since the all-new model is quite close to launch, we’re curious what it’s going to turn out like.

Merely wondering about this is not constructive, so we have this rendering to also show you what it’s (probably) going to look like. Posted courtesy of TopSpeed, it was apparently modeled off the latest batch of spy shots that showed the car undergoing testing on the Nurburgring.

That batch of photos shill shows a heavily camouflaged car, but was revealing enough to allow artist David Kiss to work out what the sheetmetal looks like underneath.

The details are inspired by those of the Vision Future Luxury Concept and the result, well, it looks like the real thing. It looks so restrained and almost dull that it could fool people into thinking BMW itself actually designed it – I wasn’t being flattering at all about BMW’s design language, quite the contrary actually.

Basically, this rendering previews what is shaping up to be another quite boring but more modern larger sedan from BMW. Those who appreciate the formula will love it, but there may be those who are a bit fed up with this whole evolutionary design thing and want more zest in their lives; thankfully, they now have a wider than ever array of competent competitors to choose from.

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