Audi Just Made 100-Octane Fuel That’s Petroleum-Free

The future may be more electric, but it could run on hydrogen and sunlight – and still power your high-compression engine.

In collaboration with Global Bioenergies, Audi announced Thursday its “e-benzin” is capable of a 100 RON octane rating, but is synthetic and burns cleanly. Not only is it free of petroleum products, but it lacks sulfur and benzene, again making sure it leaves a little environmental footprint. And that fuel is theoretically potent enough for even the most powerful car engines on the planet.

Audi says the basis for e-benzin is isobutene, which is produced by Global Bioenergies, and is made from renewable raw materials. But in the future, Audi says it wants this fuel to contain no biomass at all, instead being created from just, “water, hydrogen, CO2 and sunlight.”

For now, both companies will conduct lab and engine tests with this fuel to determine long-term prospects. But it could be an interesting road to go down, especially when disastrous oil spills are in the news again.


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