BMW M7 Realistically Rendered After Possible Production Rumors

BMW has never had a car in its range to match the Mercedes S63 and S65 AMG models, but according to recent rumors, it may be looking to create an M7 to fix that discrepancy.

We previously shared information coming from Germany regarding the possible creation of an M7 with 600 PS; this means it’d still be less powerful than the S65 AMG, but not by much.

It’d match the Merc for cylinders and probably displacement too, with a six-liter V12.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and just look at what an M7 could be like if they actually made it. The previous rendering we posted was based on the previous generation 7-Series, but this one by TopSpeed builds upon the latest incarnation of the car for greater effect.

It looks very realistic and certainly adds some sportiness to the new 7-Series, a car that still doesn’t look as good as it could; BMW can clearly make a sleek, stylish sedan shape, but the new 7 is far from that.

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