Cocky Nissan GT-R Driver Bites Off More Than He Can Chew With 370Z TT

How arrogant can you get behind the wheel of a modified Nissan GT-R? Well, enough to think you can beat everything in sight.

The owner of the red GT-R has plenty of reasons to be one of the smuggest individuals we’ve seen in a long time. For starters, he drives a 700 BHP monster on E85 juice, with upgraded turbos and a Jacks transmission.

But self-righteousness can backfire, especially if driven by ignorance, as you believe there’s no one out there better than you. So, when challenged by a 370Z in a (not quite legal) drag race, the confident GT-R owner responded. He was so confident in his vehicle’s performance that, at some point, waved goodbye to the driver in the 370Z.

Too bad he didn’t even think the 370Z was running on a twin-turbo stage 2 setup, boosted to 14 PSI and boasting 670 BHP with the help of a CJM Fuel System fueled by E85 as well. Furthermore, taking into account that a 370Z is 275kg lighter than a GT-R, the result can be seen in the video below.


  • thisguyhere

    another reason why sleepers are the best

    • europeon

      Calling a 370z a sleeper is a bit weird.

  • dinn

    Surprise 🙂

  • Craig

    I love that wave!! lol

  • Take that Gtr……..

  • Six_Tymes

    looking forward to seeing what nissan comes up with for the 2017 Z

  • Miroku

    This is why Automatic sucks….the guy in the gtr doesn’t even have to do anything other than press a gas pedal and wave…..lame.

    • Status

      Like a manual GTR would have done any better. Initial D is for kids.

  • KidRed

    never celebrate before its over… hahaha

  • T_Cake

    Hahaha – I love the GTR, but I hope that experience was humbling.

  • cooper

    ouch, very ouch!

  • pcurve

    “don’t look left… don’t look left… don’t look left…”

  • Brucie Bruce

    And the Z looks nicer than the GTR !!!

  • smartacus

    aw man, there’s gonna be internet memes galore from this one wave

  • Mark Hecatonchires

    Its not the gee dee arr is most likely the dumbass gtr driver.

  • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

    Some GT-R drivers are idiots who just forget that there is always something out there that can spank and walk the over grown lizard that models itself after a fictional tv character. Nuff said. Lol!

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