German Source Hints at Possible Future BMW M7

Arguably one of the most heavily rendered and fantasized about cars is the so far purely hypothetical BMW M7. Yes, you can take your regular 7-Series to have it tuned and beefed up, but it will never be as special as an actual official one, not even if it’s a desirable Alpina

There have been a whole slew of rumors over the last decade, but they were always denied by officials, and we really understood why – an M7 is a ultra-niche and ultra-exclusive vehicle that probably doesn’t justify the development costs, or at least this is the board of directors kind of answer. Why BMW has not made one up until now, when rivals do offer a performance version of their top sedan is still a bit of a mystery.

Now, Autobild says we could see one as early as 2016, and it will feature a V12 engine (obviously turbocharged) which makes around 600 PS. We presume it will be a reworked engine found in the 760i model or a smaller engine with extra turbo boost; the latter would make sense to keep weight off the front axle, as well as general weight lower.

A V12 with twin turbos is heavy, and you can extract 600 PS with relative ease out of, say, the V8 that BMW uses in the M5 and M6 models. As for styling, well, the source suggests a predictable approach through the use of unique bumpers front and rear, bigger side skirts, wider-flared arches, bigger wheels and even bigger brakes with blue visible calipers.

A bit like the rendered interpretation you see below, courtesy of Auto Projecoes.

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