Hennessey’s F-150 VelociRaptor 600 Enters Production

Back in December, Hennessey Performance released some details about an upcoming breed of VelociRaptors, based on the latest generation of Ford F150 truck series.

Now, the guys from Texas officially announced the VelociRaptor 600 muscle-truck is ready for production.

Unlike its defunct sibling, the new VelociRaptor isn’t based on the steroid-enhanced version of Ford’s F150 truck. That’s because the stock new Raptor won’t hit the streets sooner than 2017. So, Hennessey had to improvise by using the much more sedated 2015 F-150 FX4 4×4 version as a base.

Wait, before you throw rocks at it, keep in mind that unlike the new Raptor with its twin-turbocharged V6, the regular F150 FX4 can still be paired with a big meaty 5.0-litre Coyote V8 under its hood. That means Hennessey can stick a 2.9-litre Supercharger System to it and bump its total output up to 600bhp – hence the truck’s name. Take that, Ecoboost!

Of course, it’s not all about power when it comes to a VelociRaptor and Hennessey knows that. That’s why, besides the standard package of modified goodies (including embroidered headrests, yay!), the tuning company offers some additional performance enhancements for the vehicle, in case the customer decides an off-road regime is best suited for it.

So, apart from the standard 33 inch BF Goodrich Tires and 17 inch wheels, you can get, at an additional cost, a HPE suspension upgrade, off-road style front and rear bumpers, an LED light bar and best of all, a wench. No, sorry – a winch. You get a winch. That’s pretty cool too…

Only 500 units of VelociRaptors 600 will be available for purchase and the prices start from $73,500, including the donor vehicle, or $23,950 if you bring your 5.0-litre F-150 from home.

By Bogdan Zoltan

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