Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Will Reportedly Get Approved Soon

The Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup concept unveiled at this year’s Detroit Auto Show may get the green light for production in the near future.

The chief executive of Hyundai Motor North America, Dave Zuchowski, said he is confident the study will get approval soon from the company’s headquarters in South Korea. “There is a very high probability we get the approval of the truck soon,” Zuchowski was quoted as saying by The Detroit Bureau.

According to the executive, more than 90 percent of the potential buyers the company has surveyed like the Santa Cruz concept.

“It’s proven very popular,” Zuchowski said. Considering that Hyundai’s top Korean executives believe that the key to future sales growth depends on expanding its SUV and truck line, the fact that people like the Santa Cruz is really good news.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz study distinguishes itself from pickups currently on sale thanks to its more car-like characteristics. It targets young, so-called “Urban Adventurers” who lead active lifestyles and need a space for tools or dirty sportswear and gear, rather than carrying them inside their car or crossover. The study even features a built-in cargo bed extender.

Along with the production version of the Santa Cruz, Hyundai may also add a new subcompact crossover to compete with models like the Chevrolet Trax and Jeep Renegade. In addition, Hyundai also plans to unveil a new version of the Elantra sedan at the LA Auto Show in November.

Note: Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept pictured in the gallery, Carscoops rendering in the opening pic


  • BlackPegasus

    Great idea in concept but in practical terms, it’s dead on arrival. The U.S. truck market is a tough segment to gain dominance (or any traction at all for that matter). If I were in the market for a compact truck, the all new Chevy Colorado would be first on my test drives.

    • Phil

      While is this true, are you suggesting you’d write off a vehicle you’ve yet to see or drive?

    • Six Thousand Times

      Depends…the Santa Cruz concept isn’t really a “truck” exactly but almost a coupe-utility that may fire the imaginations of anyone who’s fancied a Subaru Brat to anyone who likes El Caminos or Oz Utes. Even mini-truck fans from the 1980s might want one. Or, kids could see it and think they’ve discovered something no one’s ever seen before.

    • bd

      Not going for the traditional “truck” market.

      • Mobis21

        Yep. Whatever. Just like how they said the Veloster would appeal to enthusiasts looking for a “fun” to drive car. That’s really turned out well for them. NOT!

        • David Todd

          I LOVE my Veloster, it IS a fun car to drive. Have you ever spent any time in one?

          • Mobis21

            David, I have test driven the Veloster, did not like the handling of the twist beam rear suspension’s inability to handle the occasional bumps and road imperfections.

    • Mobis21

      BlackPegasus you are dead on with your assessment. This truck, if built by Hyundai, will be a still born exercise in self inflicted hubris. Hyundai has not shown they have the engineering acumen to build a well sorted suspension system without the help of outsiders like Lotus. So, why would anyone be a rube believing that they can pull off such a difficult challenge as this?!

    • Christopher Evert

      First off, by your own words you aren’t in the market. Second off – neither am I.

      But in my case, it’s entirely because the only thing you can buy with a bed is horrible to drive on-road (if you so much as know what a driving enthusiast is), and penalizes you with terrible gas mileage (all but disqualifying it for an everyday commute vehicle), and costs a fortune…
      … because it’s designed to tow trailers I don’t own, and is designed to drive off-road, which is fundamentally silly for 90% of people.

      A Colorado is as big as a full size truck was 20 years ago. It’s not thrifty. It’s not fun to drive. It’s only marginally easier to park.

      What most people need is a car. Something that drives well. Is comfortable. Practical. And just happens to have a bed, for weekend outings…
      …not to run a construction company from, 3 miles away from paved roads.

      I’d think some more about the difference.

  • Jerry Hightower

    Colorado is too large for my use. This looks like it might work. If not, I’ll keep my 2000 Ford Ranger which is perfect.

    • Mobis21

      Perhaps, but has Hyundai ever honestly outperformed a competitor in powertrain? Fuel efficiency? Ride and handling? Design? Engineering? The record so far is no they have not.

  • yo

    it will work. Not everyone wants or needs a HUGE truck. The new colorado is still way too big

  • bob

    bring this to the UK and I’ll swop my i30 for one

  • Mobis21

    Despite the positive response to Hyundai’s study concept “Santa Cruz”, it is doubtful that they can deliver said vehicle with the promised expected utility at a price point that would sustain this vehicle’s appeal unless they can deliver on the following:

    1. UpDesign and use a current off-the-shelf cross over chassis capable of meeting the demanding requirements of their target market while avoiding weight bloat.
    2. Offer class leading fuel economy numbers that outperforms the competition (highly unlikely).
    3. Fit a reliable and capable powertrain that produces honest horsepower numbers and torque to match (questionable).
    4. Price it so that it doesn’t alienate the target market they are aiming for, like what happened with the over hyped and now fading Veloster.

    So far, based on Hyundai’s history, they have not been able to produce any such vehicle. The jury remains unimpressed!

    • Kent

      Speak for yourself.

      • Mobis21

        LOL Kent, so, you actually believe Hyundai can succeed with this vehicle that is not a pick-up? Where Honda has failed? Subaru? LOL! Well, lets see who will be right if they decide to build it. I hope I am wrong but history says otherwise. Maybe your crystal ball says the opposite of history… {:-[))

    • Superglider

      a friend of mine owns a Veloster, and I’ve ridden in it several times. My only fault with it is those damn 20″ wheels which make it ride like a truck. Otherwise, it’s a cool car, and space wise, very practical.

  • Kerry Carpenter

    I’d buy the concept. I would definitely not buy the Carscoops render pictured.

  • DoctorNickRiviera

    No offense, but whoever did your rendering misses the beauty of the Santa Cruz. The SC is a Small Truck. One that easily fits in garages and parking lots. Its not a 4 door crew cab with a long bed. If it retains measurements of the concept…I’m sold. If it gets bigger…nope.

  • Jay Masterson

    I want one. I am 50, so perhaps not the target demographic. However, *IF it gets the diesel/6Manual/selectable 4wd…well then this will be the first non GM vehicle I have ever purchased.

  • Abdul Alsalih

    It I’ll be dead in the U.S. But it’ll sell well in the Middle East and other markets

  • Kent

    I’ll take one. I miss my Dodge Rampage and Toyota Hilux and always like El Caminos and Rancheros. Big trucks only make you look like you are compensating for some deficiency.

  • DoctorNickRiviera

    The HSC is not designed for the truck market. The average buyer will be someone who currently drives a CUV or Sedan. I would know because myself, my father, and my uncle all fall into that category. We all drive Cars or CUVs because a true compact truck does not exist in the USA.

  • Superglider

    I’ve owned 6 El Caminos… but now I’ve had to suffice with 10 Tacomas. I’d buy one of these if they got the formula right. I’ve also owned a bunch of BIG pickups… totally impractical. Horrible gas mileage, and they don’t fit ANYWHERE.

  • Pesobill

    Love the idea , smaller and fuel efficient and with a great warranty . Many don’t need a 6,000 pound tub to drive to home depot or Best Buy.. Great idea Hyundai -offer it in 2 and 4 doors ,4 cyl and 6 and it will be a winner.. Will gladly trade in my Tacoma ..bye- bye Toyolet.

    • Socarboy

      That Taco will continue to accrue mile under its new owner

  • Ron

    I do not want to like this but I have to admit it, I do. I honestly despise Hyundais. Hyundai drivers in Florida are simply the worst. They are either driving like a maniac with diarrhea that needs to get to the 7-11 toilet immediately, or they’re going 40 in the left lane.

  • HDS
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