Is The Lexus RC F Really Quicker Than The BMW M4?

If you tend to believe everything you see, then well, at least in this case yes, it is quicker. The only question is why?

Let’s start by analyzing the 477PS (470hp) Lexus RC F. It also makes do with 530 Nm (390 lb-ft) of torque which help it get from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.5 seconds. So by no means is this a slow car. What it is however, is a heavy car at 1,765 kg (3,891 lbs) – and you’ll realize just how heavy it is once we get to the BMW.

Oftentimes, weight offsets power and when you’re also down on torque compared to your opponent, you’ll be digging your way out of that hole for the entire drag race. Of course, this is not the case here, which is why we’re a bit surprised by what we’re seeing in this video. But let’s see how the M4 stacks up before we get into who did what.

The BMW M4 is good for 431PS (425hp) and 550 Nm (405 lb-ft) of torque. It’ll get from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.3 seconds if you change gears yourself with the manual transmission, or 4.1 seconds if you’re driving the automatic. That’s nearly half a second faster than the RC F – and from what we can tell, the M4 in this video is the dual-clutch version because of how fast it’s changing gears.

Furthermore, the M4 tips the scales at around 1,572 kg (3,465 lbs) for the manual version and 1,612 kg (3,552 lbs) if we’re talking about the automatic. Even at its heaviest, we’re talking about the weight of two adults (let’s say male & female) influencing things – in favor of the BMW of course.

Then you take into account the speed of the automatic transmissions, and if you think Lexus has any advantage there, well, then maybe this isn’t the website for you.

So then why? Why does the RC F accelerate faster than the BMW M4? In this video, we get to see the M4 catch up to the Lexus as soon as the two cars reach around 200 km/h (124 mph), but it should have been a blow out victory for the M4 – it really should have.

But wait, could it be that we’ve missed something? Yes, the BMW loses traction twice while accelerating, but more important, it loses it just as it gets off the line at around 30 km/h (18 mph). You can clearly see the traction control indicator flash.

So we don’t know how these videos were shot and if they were shot in the same place with the same road conditions. Therefor, until somebody manages to convince us that a Lexus RC F is actually faster in a straight line than a BMW M4, we’ll call this “myth” busted.


  • There’s more to acceleration than torque, horsepower, and weight. If you have a peaky engine with torque spikes and a big horsepower spike at high rpm then sure you can have a car with big numbers and totally useless real world acceleration. A smooth even power band and torque curve will get you to 100 faster than an engine tuned for numbers with a useless powerband.

  • Craig

    You’re not seriously trying to suggest that time after time – without exception – the M4 will reach 60 in exactly 4.1 seconds are you? There are MANY variables at play when it comes to getting a car up to speed as quickly as possible. It would not – therefore – surprise me AT ALL that the Lexus would beat the M4 every now and then. Even IF under ideal conditions it wouldn’t. But we don’t live in an ideal world.

  • Hanky

    What a bias article. The RCF is faster based on other tests, not just this one video. Have you ever thought that the extra weight of the Lexus allows it to have better grip and traction than the Bmw(similar to the GTR)? Did you completely ignore the fact that the RCF HAS MORE HORSEPOWER? Did you account for the turbo lag of the BMW?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Last thing, the RCF also looks faster than the

    • Joe Nobody

      Never mind. Useless.

  • William A

    At least this website doesn’t try to make excuses for their BMW bias…

  • Hanky

    Who moderated my comment? What a puss!!

  • Michael Persiano

    The power deliver in the RC-F is what this is all about. The M4 will always be inconsistent given the perpetual challenges of dealing with turbo boost and lag. The RC-F is quick, and I have already put down a 4.2 0-60. There is no myth busted. Have you logged any real time in an RC-F? It’s faster than the IS-F, and the IS-F is quick. This whole weight thing is ridiculous. The new samurai is a missile on the road and the track.

    • Joe Nobody

      You mean the power “delivery”? Power to weight ratios is what acceleration is all about. The M4 is inconsistent given the “perpetual changes” dealing with turbo and lag??? Are you for real? Active water cooling and boost control actually gives MORE consistent power delivery over a broader range than a naturally aspirated engine. The IS-F and the RC-F are TANKS on wheels. My bet is the IS-F won’t be returning in 2016 because they can’t out BMW, BMW. BMW makes a better focused sports car; Lexus is a couch on wheels. End of story.

      • Lekabasa
        BMW is like a self-operating drone….check number of crashes by M4 so far.

        • Joe Nobody

          Your comment sounds like the argument that guns kill people. WRONG. m4’s crash because the the drivers have more money than skill.

        • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

          But Toyota F performance is still lame by comparison and that won’t change. Get over it. Lol.

      • Michael Persiano

        No end of your ridiculous story.

        The RCF has outperformed the m4 in plenty of tests. Do a little research and then make informed comments.

        The order has changed in this class–like it or not. The two cars are evenly matched, and that is why there is so much controversy. See ya on the road.

        • Joe Nobody

          Typical ignorant comments. Yes so I looked and guess what I didn’t find a single review where ANYONE claimed the RCF a better track car. Nobody.

          Now go do your homework.

          • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

            The fanboys troll because they’re mad, and hating on what they secretly desire but can’t have. Do they know that their Japanese Camaro gets smashed by the Superior BMW and Benz? If course they do. Will they admit it openly?? Nooooooo!!!!😂😂😂

            We can go back and forth all day long but the reality is that when I go the track with club M3-M4 we are the ones walking the isf’ sand rcf’s and all I can say to the haters is……..
            “Stay mad my friends” “stay mad”.😋

        • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

          The M4 beats the rcf in all tests. The AMG Benz destroys it. The rebadged Toyota is cheaper for a reason. You get what you pay for.

      • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

        Delusional rice burner fan. Nuff said.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      The isf is not quick, lol I’ve seen Ford Focus RS’ walking the Toyota isf. The M4 smashes the rcf and it’s an inline 6. There’s a reason why the rcf is the “cheaper” car. Lol.

  • Stylinred

    when a pro driver, takes the both of them around a lap, the rcf is consistently just behind the m4 (by 0.## seconds) take the motortrend head to head video for example…so even with all that extra weight on the lexus + the throttle response lag it still performs almost as well as the m4, throw in an amateur driver or just your everyday regular joe and it could go either way. So the RCF is a very impressive car yet it’s still getting a lot of flack by fanboys, undeservedly.

    • Joe Nobody

      It’s not flack. If Lexus wanted to build a better car they should have. Problem is they can’t. They can get close but it’s too damn hard to balance a chassis, engine, cabin, ergonomics, luxury, suspension, transmission, diff, etc into a package that cost less than a BMW and then also performs better. You only get to the top by generating years of evolution. There is NO HERITAGE in the RCF.

      • Stylinred

        That’s just bull, of course they can! They just built a luxury race coupe that’s basically as fast as the M4 on, arguably, their first try, For that price class anyway. Heritage in an RCF? what does that have to do with anything? of course it won’t have the same heritage as the M3/4 it’s a brand new model. But Toyota has immense history! Lexus too when you consider the LFA.
        So I really haven’t heard an argument here other than ‘we put it down because we’re fanboys…’

        • Joe Nobody

          If they can they would have by now. Hasn’t happened yet. So when it does come back make your claim. Until they actually do its a moot point regardless of how much you reach and stitch your story together.

        • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

          You gotta accept the fact that Toyota’s Lexus copies Audi, BMW, and Mercedes (Immitators copying the innovators) so there is no heritage no matter how old Toyota gets they are doing what has already been accomplished. The lfa? Do we really gotta go there?? Lol! The lfa was total fail which toyota even failed that explains why they sat at dealers collecting dust for two years or more before going at a discount buy or lease. The Toyota/jdm fanboys want their car fast but nice and cheap, now they want to be at the same level as, and command the respect that innovators like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche get yet their car is just an immitation.😂😂😂
          That just can’t happen, hope you understand bro.

      • Randen Montalvo

        Also remember this isn’t even a platform purposely built for performance, at its core it’s a GS,ISC,RC so considering the M4 is a performance designed platform this is very impressive for Lexus. There next iteration should surpass or be equally on par with the M4 of not better.

        • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

          M4 will always stay a step ahead.

      • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

        Correct! Plus they copy and immitate BMW, Audi and Mercedes so the cost wouldn’t justify.

  • Scott

    Interesting as a current owner of a 2006 BMW M3 coupe I was impressed with my test drive of the new Lexus RC F coupe. It has a much nicer and modern cockpit compared to the stern outdated BMW M4 lackluster cockpit! The M4 was uncomfortable and didn’t feel any faster than the Lexus except it did have slightly better handling. I actually prefer the last generation V8 based BMW M3 coupe to both of these new cars. It has a better engine and more fun to drive. But if pressed then I’d get the new Mercedes C63 AMG which has a superior engine to both cars and more fun to drive! For everyday driving in my opinion the Lexus wins hands down and I can still take it to track day to drift race it. Also Lexus IS 5k less expensive. I know it’s hard saying this as a current BMW owner but the M4 is a major letdown in quality.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Actually I almost leased the RC-F but after driving it 4 times I was not at all impressed. The interior is nice but hey so is the Toyota Avalon’s. Compared to BMW the Lecus interior still feels somewhat cheap and plasticy if that’s even an appropriate term. Performance? I got more speed and wayyyy better torque out of the the naturally aspirated V6 in the M4 than in the Toyota V8. That said not a bad car, but no way is it faster or even better than a BMW. I chose the M4 and couldn’t be happier. I do agree with you in that if I had the means I’d go for the C63 or even better Black Series C63 which will spank the Lexus right off the track but a 2012 still commands $100k, ouch! And the V8 M3 sounds delicious but the M4 performs a bit more to my liking.

  • Randen Montalvo

    Well it’s well known that in a top speed run the RCF should out pace the M4, however it’s really impressive how far Lexus has come with designing a hybrid platform and getting M4 like performance and in some categories actually surpassing it. They are videos of the RCF beating the M4 in a straight line and being just a second off times many times sometimes .44 off the M4. If that’s not impressive for that weight of this car you are not a car fan, the TVD helps the car tremendously in the turns with the weight but hurts it in the straights where the Torsen shines due to the weight savings.

  • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

    BMW beats it in all categories. Especially looks, this Japanese Camaro is bulky and hideous.

  • Peter


  • Gene Orico

    First some of you BMW lovers are on crack i have raced both at Texas MS and the turbo lag is awful. I own a RCF and its quicker and it takes the M4 153 mph to catch me especially if its hot out or did you dummies realize turbos run like dogs in the heat dead dogs. Its all about traction. What Idiot said the LFA was a bust The car proved for a 4.8 litre V10 with 552 hp it held the fastest lap time at the Ring until 2016 when a Viper just edged it out. LFA not the fastest car but probably all around the best car ever built and zero maintence. It revs as fast as a Race bike . Lexus proved with no Race history etc they could build a car better than 97% of all super cars out there in there first attempt. Anyone thinking its a bust doesn’t know sh——t about cars at all.
    Btw my RCF is supercharged and those 250k lambos, R8 and vets can’t even stay with me as mine is producing 670 to the wheels with traction and does 200 mph. So far i haven’t found any that can out run me at high speeds.

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