New Mazda 2 Won’t Be Offered To American Buyers, At Least Not As A Mazda

Looking forward to that redesigned 2016 Mazda 2 in an American showroom? Unfortunately, the only place to get one will be from the Scion dealer.

Mazda’s U.S. product planners have decided not to offer the Mexico-built 2 hatchback in the States, according to Autonews. Company executive Robert Davis said the back-and-forth decision on whether or not to offer the subcompact hatch in the U.S. was rejected because it would take resources away from more profitable models.

The previous Mazda 2 was sold in the U.S. from fall 2010. Its best year in the country was 2012, when 19,315 were sold, but fell to less than 14,000 in 2014. By contrast, the Ford Fiesta sold more than 63,000 units in the U.S. last year. Sales of many subcompact cars haven’t been helped by a drop in gas prices over the last few months.

Still, Davis said the Mazda 2 will “always be there if we need it,” because it’s sourced from Mexico and was even certified by the EPA. Weridly, the car will still be sold in Puerto Rico.

The sedan-version of the 2016 Mazda 2 serves as the basis for the 2016 Scion iA, shown in April at the New York Auto Show. The iA is a 2 sedan with a new nose, but everything about that car screams modern Mazda. Frankly, the Scion iA is just a Mazda 2 made uglier and less practical, so it’s disappointing Mazda won’t be offering its really attractive hatchback at its own dealers.

But given that the 2 was likely to be a small seller again and a Mazda 3 starts at a subcompact-like $18,000 with a still-impressive 34 combined MPG estimate, I can see how things didn’t exactly pencil out.

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  • Craig

    I wonder if it will be sold in Canada as the Mazda. It looks better as a Mazda than it does as a Scion.

    • Yoyo

      The Scion is an abomination.

  • Jay

    The Scion version is hideous.

  • Luc Helterbrand

    toyota managed to make the 2 look butt ass ugly as a scion. their designers should be shot.

  • Nordschleife

    Which is a shame. It looks far better than the Scion that is coming here. Mazda needs all the sales it can get so they might as well.

  • iKaizen

    I’m guessing the hatchback will be badged as a redesigned Toyota Yaris.

  • Neit J Nieves

    Still, Davis said the Mazda 2 will “always be there if we need it,” because it’s sourced from Mexico and was even certified by the EPA. Weridly, the car will still be sold in Puerto Rico.

    There! You don’t have to settle for the oddly looking Scion sedan Mazda2. Just buy the hatchback in PR and ship it over. In order to be sold in PR is has to be certified by EPA and meet Federal safety regulations so it will be completely legal to bring it over from PR and register it in your home State.

  • Matt

    If Nissan can sell a Mexican-made Micra at under the $10k USD barrier, there’s no reason Mazda can’t sharpen their pencil with Mazda2 pricing. The reason small cars don’t sell is exactly as you said; if I can buy a compact car with more standard features, more room and more power for 15% more money, why wouldn’t I?

  • Yoyo

    Mazda US at it again. Not supporting their new Mazda 2 just as they did which their previous Mazda 2. Bunch of morons running the US Mazda 2. New one looks better, has more horse, has a better interior, would now come with the Skyactive engine, would have way better mpg and THEY WON’T SELL IT IN US? Morons.

    • I agree they didn’t market the old one enough, and it was only really propped up in the U.S. by rental fleets. This new one would probably sit too close in price to the 3, which also needs more marketing and incentive support.

      But hey, if there’s another recession or if gas goes back up to $4/gal (which is what I just paid in SoCal, mind you)…

      • Luis

        Zac, Mazda doesnt generally offer much incentives on any of their cars. Their business model is they rather sell a bit fewer cars at a slightly higher profit. As a smaller car manuf they wont be able to absorb the costs like Honda. Who sells (in the US) at 3 times the cars at a slightly lower per profit per car. I love Hatchbacks but generally hatchbacks dont sell as well in the US. They should of offered the Sedan here instead. Though i have a feeling Toyota had a hand in this as well. Well you can still get the Yaris..

  • Louis

    Darn it. I was really pumped for this little car. I’m tired of all the crossovers…there should be more small cars like this (good quality, reasonably priced, stylish design) to give us that don’t need AWD, but want a new car, more options.

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