Nissan And Cummins Talk About How Good The 2016 Titan XD’s Diesel Engine Is

One of the highlights of Nissan’s all-new 2016 Titan pickup truck is the Cummins 5.0-liter turbo diesel offered in the Titan XD.

Developed specifically for the Titan XD, the Cummins engine produces 310hp and 555lb-ft (752 Nm) of torque, granting the truck a towing capacity of 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg).

Based on Columbus, Indiana, a few hours up I-65 from Nissan’s Tennessee-based North American Headquarters, Cummins has worked closely with the Japanese automaker on the all-new Titan XD.

Nissan is apparently very pleased with this collaboration and has released a video showing how deep the collaboration between the two companies went.

Titled “Diesel Goodness,” the video is the sixth episode of the Nissan Titan “Truckumentary” web series and features some of the key people who worked on the project speak about how good the Cummins diesel engine is and how it enhances the Titan’s performance. I guess we have to settle for this until we see some reviews.

If you’re passionate about trucks and diesel engines, you won’t regret watching it.



  • smartacus

    Nissan Cummins is gonna be a sales flop because of Cummins. People in the know have opined their displeasure with Cummins for the last few years and are much happier with Duramax and Powerstroke

  • Rod

    Powerstroke did this guy just say Powerstroke ford should be band from building a diesel engine if want to discuss ford go to website where guys go to cry to each other about there junk do you need reminded ford 6.0 and 6.4 the guys how own them still have them because there upside down on them nobody wants to buy them ford is a rich man’s truck it takes a healthy bank account to own that truck

    • Ben Justin

      Rod . > how true.

  • Myotis Velifer

    If you are going to introduce a completely new vehicle from scratch, then you need to team up with Google or Facebook or Apple or Elon Musk, or Samsung, or even Huawei, etc, to put some extra umph into your product. The dashboard needs to have a docking port big enough for an 12 inch touchscreen portable tablet, that is not an afterthought, but a carefully engineered product. The DEF tank needs to be have a back-up tank for the users who fail to keep the first tank filled. The console screen needs to have a touchscreen option to see advanced settings, so that diesel fanatics, can analyze their truck’s performance better. Truck owners want a beefier front bumper that has good off-road angles. That crap-bumper on the front is going to get thrown away as soon as the buyer can find an after-market upgrade. I hope the rear-window rolls down electrically.

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