This Guy Forgot To Enable Volvo’s Pedestrian Detection System During Safety Feature’s Demo…

No matter what car manufacturers will invent in order to maximize road safety and minimize accident hazards, there will always be a little tiny variable to spoil everything: human error.

One of many Murphy laws states that “any system which depends upon human reliability is unreliable”. That’s because our beauty, as humans, stands in imperfection and as long as we will operate something, its purpose will be compromised. Besides, only humans with inventiveness can replicate every possible scenario that could happen.

For instance, check out the guy driving the Volvo in the video. He wanted to demonstrate how Volvo’s city-safe system recognizes pedestrians and automatically stops the car if someone jumps in front of it. The only problem is, the driver forgot to turn the system on. Want to guess what happened?

So, after Volvo spends millions of billions in order to develop a crash avoiding system, a random guy forgets to turn it on. Why was it off in the first place?

Hat tip to Borys S.! 

Note: This is not the first time something like this has happened to Volvo – remember this embarrassing presentation when a S60 crashed into a truck while showing off its ‘Collision Warning With Auto Brake’ system to journalists back in 2010?


  • Kagan Oztrak

    This is volvo’s second pedestrian/vehicle detection accident in front of the media. They gotta stop being scandinavian and fire the guy doing this mistake.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Correct, I added the link to the video / story from the 2010 mishap

      • Tostik

        This Volvo does not have pedestrian recognition. If it did, you’d see the only slightly blended sensor on the grill just to the right of the Volvo symbol. It obviously only has the standard lo-speed City Safety system, which only recognizes the back of a another car.

    • Six_Tymes

      maybe they are waiting to fire the guy until someone gets killed? crazy.

  • Six_Tymes

    fuck. killer cars!

  • BlackPegasus

    😧 I was prepared to write a snarky comment, but I wasn’t prepared to see the guy get his kneecaps hit at such a high speed. Do we know his condition?

  • vvmdrf

    Notice the grill does not have that black bump out for the radar? Pedestrian detection is optional on the xc60. this car is not equipped with it. Learn about the car before you post.

  • Henrik

    I’m sorry, this is pure stupidity on behalf of whoever was trying demonstrate this feature. This is clearly not a Volvo demonstration. The XC60 in question does not have the Driver Support Pack fitted, and therefore does NOT have Cyclist Detection or Pedestrian Detection as standard. So, not embarrassing for Volvo as the article states, and frankly should be removed.

  • NEW_340

    This is silly it needs the package for pedestrian detection. It comes standard with city safe but city safe works on object the size of car bumpers. Second if the guy floored it , he over road any safety system. It does appear the guy floored it. All the safety systems can be shut down or over ridden by the driver. This is not an Airbus , I mean there are ways to disable systems. AND its gotta have the system in the first place

  • Raul V

    looks like the Pedestrian Detection System doesn’t recognize pink and black color pattern

  • Tostik

    This Volvo does not have pedestrian recognition. If it did, you’d see the sensor on the grill just to the right of the Volvo symbol. It obviously only has the standard lo-speed City Safety system, which only recognizes the back of another car.

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