VW’s C Coupe GTE Study Looks Good As An Estate Too

As we learned from a recent report that cited a VW official, VW’s C Coupe GTE study unveiled last month at the Shanghai Auto Show previews a flagship plug-in hybrid vehicle for China.

Whether or not that PHEV will wear the Phaeton name it remains to be seen, but until then, you can take a look at how the study’s design cues would look on a wagon body style. Photoshop artist Theophilus Chin did this exercise and transformed the C Coupe GTE concept into an estate.

As usual, the renderings look really impressive and give us the confirmation that the VW study would be a looker even as an estate. Still, it will not become real since wagons are not that popular in China, where the production version of the C Coupe GTE will be sold.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin


  • MarketAndChurch

    The front end still looks meh, but the side-rear 3/4 view has been redeemed and looks really good. If – at least in my opinion – the front end didn’t look so jarring, this could seriously be the best looking estate in Europe, and as a result, the world.

  • Kash

    Do we need to see very sedan as a wagon or every SUV as a 2 door version or every base model rendered as the M or RS or AMG or ST version? I really don’t think this is car that needs to be seen in this light, especially since these renderings use the same base for the additional roof and trunk space. There’s no variation. I wouldn’t mind these renderings, if they were something unique. Like I’d love to see a Mercedes S63/65 wagon but with more of a CLS/Panamera back instead.

  • Obsequious_Lickspittle

    Blandness personified.
    VW can do that themselves.