Alfa Romeo 4C Tuned To The Next Level By Pogea

Some may argue that the 4C comes with an engine which simply isn’t on the same wavelength with the car’s appearance. A mid-engine Alfa powered by a 1742 cc 4-banger?

How can the Italian car manufacturer offer a 4-door sedan with 500 horses and a mid-engine coupe with “only” 237 horses in its line-up? Does that make any sense?

Well, the underrated 1742 cc unit forms part of a lightweight 995 kg (2,194 lb) package, which surpasses other sports cars thanks to its blistering performance. But what if the whole construction kept its insubstantial mass, while the engine was boosted up to a million?

Well, Pogea Racing did just that, transforming the Italian mosquito into a hornet. Baptized as the Centurion, the car now boasts a re-engineered 2-stage motor upgrade. The 289 HP and 415 Nm (306 lb-ft) of torque Stage 1 package is impressive, but it doesn’t compare to the 308 horses and 435 Nm (320 lb-ft) Plus variant.

There’s no denying that these changes make the car stupendously fast, as its total weight remains practically unchanged: 3.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), 14.2 seconds from 0 to 200 Km/h (124 mph) and a top speed of 301 Km/h (187 mph).

The front and rear bumpers are made from carbon fiber and come with an exposed, unpainted portion that testifies their authenticity. The subtle rear spoiler increases the contact pressure on the rear axle by 35 kilograms at 160 km/h and the rear diffuser comes with 101mm tailpipes, offered in four different variants – carbon fiber or stainless steel; with or without flaps and silencers.

Of course, the “Centurion” is not all about brute force, that’s why Pogea Racing payed close attention to the suspension setup by adding custom L2 components to the double wishbone – McPherson struts setup, making it adjustable in height and hardness.

Pogea states that the Centurion “beats them all”; Porsche 911, BMW M4, Mercedes AMG GT, you name it. It might look like an army knife with a scope compared to the M4, but there’s no shadow of doubt that this automobile is in a league of its own.


  • smartacus

    meanwhile a Peugeot 308 GTi makes 270 HP from only a 1.6
    I almost don’t even consider this an Italian car

    • Thomas

      You are obviously an expert.

      • smartacus

        you are obviously lonely 🙂

        • Benji

          It’s not that the engine CAN’T make more power. Obviously it can, they just choose not to. Yes the Peugeot makes more power but it’s most definitely running a slightly bigger turbo providing more boost. So referring to Thomas’ sarcastic comment about you being an expert I agree to it. It’s was a pretty silly comment to be fair.

          • smartacus

            nah, I have to disagree with you. I didn’t say anything factually incorrect or acceptable for sarcasm.

            To be fair; your comment was pretty silly saying the Pogea engine can make more power. You don’t know that at all.

            And when you said the Peugeot is running a slightly bigger turbo providing more boost, you don’t even know the sizes of their respective turbos, but you said it anyway.

            it was a pretty silly comment to be fair but nobody is saying “you are obviously an expert”

        • matrem

          you are obviously a troll

          • smartacus

            you are obviously fat and poor 🙂

          • matrem

            Does your mom know you’re using the internet? Back in my day 14 year olds didn’t have such free access to the family computer.

          • smartacus

            wanna hear a knock-knock joke?

          • matrem

            Is the punchline the hollow sound that comes from knocking on your head? Because it’s hysterical how empty your cranium actually is.

            My guess the punchline is a homophobic comment. Because a bigot like you is not capable of actual humor. It’s…well…over your (empty) head.

          • smartacus

            you sure you wanna hear it?

          • matrem

            I’m sure I don’t. But I get a kick out of you embarrassing yourself, so have at it. Nothing supports my side better than fools like you demonstrating how foolish you are.

    • qjack

      …but 308 GTI hit 0-100km/h in flat 6 sec…it’s the same time with AR Giulietta 1.75 240 hp….so take care with HP ; it’s all about torque, gearbox and weight. Best ex is this Alfa 4C.

      • CommonSense

        Yes this is correct power alone means little unless considered against weight.
        BTW I agree with reviews of smartacus…I wonder your name and lack of knowledge sounds like you might be running the greek economy. Just saying.

  • Six_Tymes

    Impressive, what the car should have been from the start as its intent was to be a “cayman killer” now maybe it is. It looks fantastic, I hope someone reviews it soon, like EVO or Chris Harris.

  • Glasfunk

    Looks quite nice.

    I’d be swapping the Alfa badges back on, though. That logo is terrible.

  • fabri99

    I’d still have the standard one, but I have to say this looks very very good, badges apart.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    Now I’m interested.

  • jh

    looks quiet froggy… the first design study suited it better. still: this will be amazing (i don’t know about beating every car you wanna name, though…)

    • Don Dale

      If by froggy you mean beautiful than yes, it’s froggy.

  • Den Dizil

    она охренительно хороша, кайфная, крутая, я свой концепт делал на нее ровнялся, просто красотка!!!!!!

  • aaronbbrown

    190 mph in this car, I just sh-t myself 🙂

    • JusticeOnTap

      I’m guessing you do that often, moron.

  • CommonSense

    Anyone, well except forum hero’s, can make a vehicle go quicker by boosting power/torque…the vehicle manufacturers have reputation and liabilities to consider. Reading this stuff on a screen isn’t the same as actually driving the “modified” vehicle which is probably going to be great on a racing track…but very dangerous on real rather ratty secondary roads, country winding ones where most enthusiasts go on a run. The 4C is a great package in standard form, fast, grippy and very direct in steering making it twitchy, maybe too direct for some drivers…then someone boosts it 50-70hp hmmm keep it to the track. I’d keep it as original.

  • armindo araujo

    I bought an ALFA ROMEO,
    model GT 2.0 JTS, automatic transmission, full extra, and it was a complete
    Two years and dozens of
    interventions, although ALFA ROMEO supported all costs, they were not able to
    fix the problems yet.
    A NIGHTMARE, believe me.
    I have copies of all the internal invoices and all documentation to
    prove it, for anyone who cares.
    Beautiful, beautiful, but the same problems as

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