Alfa Romeo Giulia QV With 510PS: Official Details And High-Res Images

We’ve been waiting for a proper, rear-wheel drive sports sedan from Alfa Romeo for more than two decades, ever since the demise of the boxy 75 in 1992, and here it is: the all-new Giulia.

To make up for all those years of front (and all-wheel drive) saloons, Alfa chose to debut the rear-wheel Giulia in its most hardcore form, the Quadrifoglio Verde or simply QV, which gets a new 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 petrol engine “tuned by engineers with Ferrari background” that’s rated for 510PS or 503hp.

Incidentally, that’s the same output as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S, which together with the BMW M3, Audi RS4 and Cadillac ATS-V, form the Giulia QV’s main set of rivals.

The Italians added that, “despite the sensational power and torque output, the new engine is surprisingly fuel efficient and implements an electronically controlled cylinder deactivation system”.

According to Alfa, the Giulia QV goes from 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 3.9 seconds.

It also features a perfect 50/50 distribution across the two axles. Speaking of weight, while no specific number was given, Alfa Romeo said that the ample use of ultra light materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum, aluminum composite and plastic, gives the QV the “best weight-to-power ratio” at “lower than 3kg/hp”, so if you do the math, the curb weight should be under 1,530kg or less than 3,373 lbs.

The chassis of the Giulia is understood to be new, though, it probably does share some components with the one found on the Maserati Ghibli. The 159’s replacement uses a multilink suspension at the rear, and a new double wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis for more accurate steering at the front.

It also gets a Torque Vectoring system with a double clutch to allow the rear differential to control the torque delivery to each wheel separately. According to Alfa, “in this manner, power transmission to the road is improved also in low grip conditions. So, the driving is safe and fun without ever having to run up against an invasive stability control system.”

The Italians have also introduced a new Integrated Brake System, which they describe thusly: “An innovative electromechanical system which combines stability control and a traditional servo brake for instantaneous brake response and consequent record-breaking stopping distances in addition to the all-important weight optimization”.

Other notable features mentioned include an Active Aero Splitter and a renewed Alfa DNA driving mode system with four options: Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient (implemented for the first time on an Alfa Romeo) and naturally Racing (on high performance versions like the QV).

The Giulia will also be offered with a new family of turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engines as well as with the option of all-wheel drive on certain models.

And just in case you haven’t heard, the Giulia will go on sale in North America. We expect to learn more later on.

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  • DMJ

    Wow, what a great looking car, very sharp and elegant at the same time. The brake discs seem carbon/ceramic. Altough I would had the rear door handles hiden like in Alfa 156, and the design of the door allows that solution.

    • Kaisuke971

      This is a 1500kg 510hp car… Basically you have the weight of the M3 with the power of the C63S. And a manual gearbox.
      I wonder how good it will be O_O

    • Gradaschi

      Yes, it’s a carbon/ceramic discs

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Nice and chunky at the rear (oo-er!) but the front is a bit too fussy.

  • europeon

    No. It’s trying too much.

  • ErisC

    Very beautiful car. And with very good technical specifications. Now I can’t wait to see a comparison with Bmw M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG

    • Patryk Kielar

      It’s inspired by BMW 2er and 3er, nothing special. 0% of italian style.

      • jh

        sad and true… you forgot skoda and audi (messed up headlights)…

      • ErisC

        I’m not going to discuss with you, cause everyone has it’s taste and it’s your interpretation if you see similarities with bmw 2er and 3er.
        But, I just want to invite you to have a look of these cars:
        1. Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 1954
        2. Alfa Romeo 75 1985.
        3. Alfa Romeo 156 facelifted version.
        4. Alfa Romeo 146 facelifted version.
        5. Alfa Romeo 159 2005.

        The design language utilized drawing from scratch this car is based in all of the cars I’ve mentioned above. You can like it or not, it’s your personal opinion and I’m not trying to change it. But at least don’t say that this car has 0% of italian style.

        P.S: Check also the photos of Alfa Romeo Kamal concept, presented during the Geneva Motor show back in 2003. Pay attention to the front/back lines, the rear light placement and the door line (which btw is nearly identical as in AR 146).

        • DMJ

          Agree. But I think you should include AR 147, as the headlamps are similar to Giulia. And the rear quarter as something from the AR GT (from 2003).

          • ErisC

            Actually I mistakenly typed 146 instead of 147. You’re right also about AR GT. And I forgot to mention the AR 166, which has served as an inspiration, especially for the so discussed profile design with the line that goes through both door handles!

        • Veloxto

          I must admit, the car does look good, but there is quite a lot of Fiat Chrysler brand identity design language going on in this (the black plastic, squared bumper and hood is the first few clues). This car aside from the short cropped rear, grill and its mouth, bare few similarities with the previous cars you mentioned. The Alfa 159 you can clearly see is a decendant of the 156. The haunches of this car is also reminiscent of the 156, and the C pillar reminds me of the 8C, but that is where it stops, and it has clearly succumbed the current automotive design trends. The rear lights for instance, look like they have been pinched from the new hyundai sonata and the current kia optima and the front lights seem to be doing what every other car manufacturer is doing. In picture 5, the front end really does look remarkably like a 1 series. This car is missing its scowlines and the triple light clusters (and the rear lights should of been shaped as straightish lines like the previous models).

          • ErisC

            As I sad before, everybody has its own interpretation regarding the design. Where you see a similarity with Hyundai Sonata (rear-lights), I see an inspiration from the Maserati Granturismo’s rear lights. Idem for the spoiler. In the headlights you can see an evolution of AR 147 headlights with a combination of the new Maserati Ghibli’s or Quattroporte’s headlights. As for the side line that has caused so much discussion, if you see AR 166 you can see that the line that goes through the door handles hasn’t been “discovered” by BMW. And we all know that Hyundai and KIA have been inspired by other brands in their design!
            But, I can also say that this Alfa Romeo isn’t as radical as her predecessors were. And this was the objective: to design a global car, that enters in the line of taste of Italians, Germans, Americans or Australians.
            We’ve all watched reviews of 156 GTA, 146 GTA, 166 or 159 being smashed by the reviewers because they had the trunk too small, not practical enough to load the baggage, or the head space in the back not being big enough just because the line of the hood follows a certain design that is tend to beautify the car!
            Well, in Italy they don’t mind these things, as long as the car transmits emotions to you and gives you a smile every time that you drive it.
            But, because in other countries they do mind, they have decided to make a car that tends to satisfy everybody 🙂

          • alfalancia

            Exactly, you understood the situation of Alfa!
            Today’s market is totally different, margins are down. In order to compete/survive, they are forced to sell a huge number of giulias… a couple of “Alfa supporters” around the world is far not enough. It MUST be a “global car”. They need new customers. And to attract new customers, they have to make the design a bit exchangeable. I think it the result is a perfect tightrope walk between a “real” alfa desing and a “global design”.
            Thats the only chance, let’s see if it works – will be a very hard way anyway…

      • Bo Hanan

        Those with “bad eyes” only see a 2 or 3 series. Go look at ALFA’s 159, 166 cars.
        And the beak on this car is just that. A beak. All ALFA’s have them.

  • NG212

    Overall, this is lovely, enticing, and desirable. I still think the headlights could be better, but I could overlook that.

    I’m hearing 503 hp, RWD, and 0-60 in 3.9 seconds from Autocar. I think the biggest loser of a resurgent Alfa Romeo is actually Jaguar — which has recently tried to make a convincing case of being the visceral, European alternative to the more staid Germans. But Alfa has a lot more street cred among enthusiasts.

    Is it wrong that I think it looks better in white?

    • ErisC

      510 hp from a 3.0L V6 twinturbo engine, as confirmed by Marchione. But, one of the most important details is the perfect 50:50 weight distribution (confirmed), and the weight of 1500 kg or below (not confirmed for the moment)

      • JohnCarscoop

        – Refresh the article, just added new info on the weight – 50/50 confirmed, weighs under 1,530kg

        • ErisC

          Ok. Actually I made a mistake cause when I heard Marchione during the press conference he mentioned 510, which in fact was in PS and not in HP (503)

      • gruppenfuhrer

        it needed 50/50 so it can use all the power

    • Six Thousand Times

      We’ll have to see what the XE-R brings before I write off Jaguar. Both Alfa and Jag could end up being quite credible alternatives to the default 3er.

  • Mike Von Vee

    That is nice….

  • Tinky-Winky

    Meh, Italian design is dead.

    • jh

      jup… 🙁

  • Now it looks great.
    Still it keeps growing on me.

  • gruppenfuhrer

    at first i was not sure about the front , the triangle a bit big and the bumper a bit to square, more usa than european, but i like it and it will grow on me iam sure, it does look mean .if 3.9 seconds to 62mph to true, well f##k me it’s gonna eat m3 , amg c63 for breakfast. great. lets hope it has the chassis to handle the power

    • dinn

      I believe Ferrari and Masaratti have got people to do the job.

      • gruppenfuhrer

        best handling saloon then !

        • dinn


  • gruppenfuhrer

    the more i look at it i love it more , i need to win the lottery tonight

  • Bananarama

    Beautiful. Sexy front and rear. I want to own this.

  • MikeH

    Being a former Alfa owner. I think they should throw in a free tow truck. oh and an amoured security truck full of gold to pay for the repairs and servicing.

    • DMJ

      Give my best regards to President Nixon, as you still live in the past.

      • MikeH

        I don’t think so. There’s loads of complaints about coolant pipes coming off on Guillieta’s as well as cabins that fall apart. My Alfa had a crack on the air con unit that caused water to flood the passenger side if the car. The car was with the main dealer 6 months before Alfa delivered a replacement part. As an ultimate insult I was given a Fiat Punto while I waited for mine to be repaired

    • Top driver

      Are you talking about Audi, BMW or VAG?
      Have you ever heard about turbo failures for BMW?
      Have you ever heard about DSG failures for VW?
      Have you ever heard about abnormal oil usage for VAG diesel engines?
      Have you ever heard about VAG 1.4 TFSI structural problems?

      I’ve never heard about so serious failures from Alfa Romeo. I own an Alfa Romeo 147 last series, it is by far more exciting to drive and more reliable than its opponents.

  • jh

    what a joke…. rear looks just like any other skoda, sideline has been taken from the 3-series and the front, looks like an alfa and audi a5 collided.

    sergio, you blind fish – you were supposed to rival the germans, not try to copy and mash up their ‘design-language’.

    technical specs are great, except for that missing manual gearbox.

    shot the head of alfa design -> the 4c could have been far better looking, as well.

    anyone remember the 8c? that’s the direction (and again, they messed it up by squeezing it and callig it mito…)

    what a letdown.

    at least a rwd alfa in existance that delivers the figures…

    sergio, you fool!

    • jh

      ok… that was my initial reaction. now it grew on me a little. especially because i want to like it. except for the rear the design makes somewhat sense. even the front has its heritage. i would like it less flat, but maybe someone will work it out.

  • Vitali Potchekin

    Such a disappointment. The 156 and 159 were the most gorgeous cars of their time, this one is just another car out there… so sad…

    • dinn

      I think new AR is great looking car. It stands out from boring German competition.
      High performance version seems to be amazing and I think it can be more interesting car than M3, RS4 or C63.

      • Paulo Cortez

        I agree with Vitali: unfortunately, it looks like an oversized BMW 1 Coupé…or a Jaguar XF 🙁

    • sad but true, think i’ll hang on to the brera a while longer.

  • atomicbri

    I’m really liking it! Can’t wait to see the interior and the other iterations of the vehicle (the lower end models). I think this will be my next sedan as it comes out right around the time I will be looking.

  • Yalchin

    So Mr. Sergio has halted the almost ready version of Giulia for this??? As far as I remember he wasn’t happy with the final design and ordered everyone to start from scratch. Gee I wonder how hideous the first iteration was. Or Sergio has really bad taste and scrapped a better design for this.
    Also whoever’s in charge with Alfa Romeo headlight design needs to get fired immediately. The early carbon-bug eyed 4C and now this.
    Such a let down in my opinion. I expected this to be great, but it looks generic while trying too hard. No elegance whatsoever.

    • Veloxto

      Nah, the design language in this is indicative of AR’s Fiat Chrysler owners.

  • Eddy

    Front is Camry, and Rear is Kia Optima…

  • Rrradek

    wow, i mean finally my top 3 dream cars changed!! looks just amazing

  • M.

    I’m terribly disappointed. The front looks disgusting…

  • Stephen Baxter

    Not loving the styling.
    Look forward to the head2head and deadly rivals type videos 🙂

  • Justin Spencer

    Very sharp looking sedan but slightly more conservative looking than I would’ve expected. The overall shape of the car is beautiful but it seems like front end of the car should be more sculpted and aggressive looking. The taillight design is too Maserati-like….not that it’s a bad thing but the rounded taillights like on the MiTO and 4C are more fitting for an Alfa Romeo. No complaints when it comes to whats under the hood for sure….this is going to be one fast Alfa!!! I’ll be interested to see what kind of 4-cylinder units this car will have and how much it will cost!!!

  • Jasper Parks

    I gotta say, the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s definitely conservative and takes a few too many cues from other manufacturers, but the overall shape is nicely proportioned. The headlights do take a little getting used to, though. My only question is, if this is what the designers came up with after Sergio sent them back a few times for complete rethinks, than what did the original designs look like? A bit more Alfa-esque, perhaps?

  • Paul

    I’m seeing in the profile a bit of the look Infiniti was trying for with their recent mid-sizers. Not saying copy, just noting the theme.

  • gruppenfuhrer

    seen a white one looks good

  • Kash

    Meh. has a 3 series profile, Ghibli rear, and a funky face. I see some new MX-5, some 4C, and some cheap and stupid plastic mesh in the air intakes. i think if the car was lengthened and the roof was sloped more this design could work, also if the plastic mesh was swapped for a finer metal mesh.

  • Tinky-Winky
    • Veloxto

      That nip and tuck honestly looks so much better.

      Still looks like a dodge though.

  • Johnny D

    The result of unprotected sex between a Jaguar and a Maserati…

  • john1168

    I LOVE everything about this car EXCEPT the FRONT! I like the triangle grill, the headlights are ok but everything below the front bumper is hideous! The front looks like it could be on a cheap looking econobox. I LOVE everything else about the car inside and out and the mechanicals too. It sounds fantastic and I still can’t believe it’s going to kick out as much as 503hp out of a 3.0 turbo V6. Remember when a Z06 Corvette kicked out 505hp out of a 427 V8?!?! Amazing! I think that rendering of that silver Guilia that was going around earlier ruined me.

  • Astonman

    i love the nose – it stands out in a crowd – in a good way. I would pick this over all cars in it’s class based on it’s looks. Let’s say it ranks in performance not as good as a BMW, Audi, Lexus, or Jaguar – but do we really maximize the use of the car on a daily basis? Short of taking it on a track day I’d say no. If I were to take it on the track, would my skills pull 100% of the car’s abilities – no. So I base my purchase for something unique and beautiful. That’s how I will spend my money. Now the big question is reliability… that is why I have not purchase a Land Rover – love everything about it except for quality issues.

  • Vassilis

    Stunning. Alfa is finally back!

  • GrabSon Wski

    this is a real german killer! just saw interior and its epic! company who taught the whole world how to make performance cars is back!

  • Bo Hanan

    As shocking in as much as exactly what the segment needed. Outside of Mercedes, the other luxury car makers are offering more of what we already have from them. That’s you my beloved BMW. As for ALFA, as long as the quality is there, this car is destined for greatness. And it’s the only one with a “Ferrari engine.”

  • Markey

    Ow… I just had one…

  • Anthonij

    My question: will they offer manual transmission? (Given the trend, I expect not… alas.)

  • Bo Hanan

    Its not meant to be pretty. It’s a bird-of-prey with that beak and those hawk eyes.

  • SetNick

    I am in. Thats the next car for me. This should be as “pure” as drivers car can be with four doors. Sound magnificent too.

  • Six_Tymes

    All they had to do is design a better set of head lights then this car would be great. they came close to greatness, but nope.

  • maserati123


  • Matt

    ‘thusly’? not, ‘as’?

    Where on earth did these people learn to write.

  • Matt

    Shame every other Alfa has pitiful performance these days. Didn’t used to be the case though.

  • 3Storms

    Modern cars put me off as I find them ugly, but for some reason I really like this one

    I hope it’s small with sportscar suspension like a 90’s BMW 3 series.

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