Audi RS7 Embarrasses Tesla Model S P85D From A Rolling Start

We tend to discredit cars that are at their best during ‘rolling start’ drag racing, because they usually get their rear ends kicked when it’s the other way around.

It’s simple really. If you’ve got the torque to monster your rivals from a rolling start, then why wouldn’t you ever take them on from a stand still? Answer: So that you wouldn’t lose. Yeah.

The same (kind of) applies to the Tesla Model S P85D. We say “kind of” because the P85D usually wins all of its races from a stand still and hardly ever challenges anybody from a rolling start, reaching very high speeds.

Watching this video makes you think a little less about the Tesla‘s ‘Insane’ mode and a little more about the Audi‘s 4.0 liter turbocharged V8 engine, producing 560 PS and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque.

The RS7 can also hit the 100 km/h (62 mph) mark in just 3.9 seconds thanks to its ultra-fast 8-speed transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive system.

But hey, the P85D is no slouch. In fact, it’s rated at 691 HP and has enough torque to single handedly cause the San Andreas fault to start acting up. Isn’t this the plot of that movie that just came out? Probably not. Anyway!

If this was a standing start race, the Tesla would have definitely jumped out ahead and would have made the RS7 work hard in order to get catch up. But since that wasn’t the case, we all get to see what a properly fast car can do to one that got to be fast by (in a way) “cheating”.

So if you were tired of watching the P85D dominate drag racing, this video will definitely make you feel better.


  • Andrew Jamrozik

    Rolling start acceleration is not a new performance metric. It’s called real world acceleration. Ever tried to overtake someone from standstill. Other than organised drag races, traffic light drags, and the occasional merge into traffic from standstill, the 0-100km/h and 0-60mph times are completely irrelevant. This test shows that the Model S is not the acceleration King that hero boys think it is. Audi RS7 is a monster.

    • Skip

      Plus, for a few bux you can chip it and get gobs more HP.

  • JJ Bradock

    Any lawsuits yet ??, infringing rights ??

  • JJ Bradock

    Similar to what the cost would have been for the Volkswagen / conversion of there diesels to comply with us spec for a clean diesel ? something BITING THEM IN THE ASS NOW !! 50 FOLD !!!!!!!!

  • JJ Bradock

    After watching the race the idiot in the passenger seat of the Tesla, should have the window UP NOT DOWN THERE GETTING DOWN FORCE SLOWING THE CAR DOWN ? JERK OFF

  • TxChristopher

    Hey genius, if they run the same quarter mile time that means neither would hold the advantage at the quarter mile.

    Doesn’t matter much now though does it since the newesr RS7 has another 65 horses so it would win out clearly against the Tesla from any speed or from a dig.

  • compatriota

    and Tesla Sounds like…a dildo!

  • compatriota

    But to be honest, Tesla is an EV not a car. Should not be compared in figures as the difference is about everything else about it. Tesla has no soul, no feedback, no excitement, no passion, it cuts out through a corner and never offer anything to a Driver.
    It should be autopiloted and it will, because it offers nothing to the enjoyment and feel of being alive when driving. Tesla moves as long as the battery has power in it..but it has nothing is just a dead boring pointless “thing”. I rather take the bus!

    • James

      The ONLY important difference is that the Audi helps to destroy the biosphere, the Tesla does not

  • compatriota

    I raced Teslas several times on european motorways. It is rather ridiculously slow in European terms. You WILL outrace any Tesla with nothing more than a Mondeo diesel on the autobahn. Tesla really needs a real engine. Why not make it into a usable hybrid? GM-engine at the front and that huge heavy batterypack would at least WORK in everyday traffic.

  • compatriota

    best at what? Seriously, do you even have a licence?

  • Im never impressed by a Tesla doing well at the very thing it shouldn’t do.

    Its like a pack a day smoker running faster than an Olympic gold medalist.

    Bravo…but the part im more interested in is the 8 or more hours on the oxygen that followed.
    (Commentary on the long charge time required by the Tesla if you needed help on that analogy)

  • pj

    The thing is the Audi can fill up then drive home afterwards.. loool

  • Chad Kroeger

    are you kidding?
    an RS7 abt with 666 hp DESTROY the tesla P90D in 0 60, 0 100 or whatever…let’s the king make their game. Audi RS7 is far better than tesla and other cars like CLS 63 and M6

  • MorinMoss

    How does that match up against Tesla’s new P100D with 0-60 mph in 2.5 sec and 1/4 mile in 10.75 sec?

    • Hockeyman

      Yeah, every year comes a new model by Tesla 😀

  • Skip

    Both cars are awesome, would have either one if I could, but both too rich for my blood… (thinking about a couple year old used S7 though)

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