China’s Zotye Clones Porsche Macan With New T700!

Just when you think that Chinese automakers are backing down from their vile practice of cloning western vehicles, along comes a car like the Zotye T700.

The pictures of the new T700 pretty much speak for themselves and there’s nothing that the Peugeot-esque headlamps and grille treatment can do to hide the fact that this SUV was modeled after Porsche’s Macan.

According to Chinese media, Zotye plans to launch the mid-size model later this year offering a choice of 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines borrowed from other vehicles in their range – unless, of course, Porsche manages to do something about it.

Zotye, an automobile manufacturer based in Zhejiang, China, was established in 2005. It’s not the first time that we’ve crossed paths with the brand as their T600 production car strongly reminded us of another VW Group product, the VW Tiguan, even though in its concept form, it looked like a cross between an Audi Q5 and an Acura RDX…



  • Mike Gonzalez

    i must admit the rims look nicer

    • donald seymour

      Those are M division rip offs.

  • KF

    And the XC90/Tesla inside…haha!

  • Dan

    and what about Lincoln and the “new” Continental??

  • Akira

    Porsche body, Peugeot face, BMW wheels with a little bit of Volvo and Infiniti inside…Nice combo, wonder if they can get further.

  • Grumpy

    Clone def has better integration of the center mounted screen. The the unit on the Porsche looks like something from the mid 2000s. Looks aftermarket. The rest looks top class.

  • Josh Kim

    ugh, that interior….

  • Bob Rooney

    wut yoo talk about? its gooo chineee qwawity! tooo foe one dollah! you buy now, it break tomorrow. you come back and buy another.

  • Ilan Carmel

    Seems like they did a pretty good job at it